What is the “Science SARU” that sends out works that showcase the unique movement of animation?


What is the “Science SARU” that sends out works that showcase the unique movement of animation?

Anime that has been broadcasting since January 2020Don't dare to work at the lab!Animation production company "Science SARU"Masaaki YuasaUnder the director, at the Annecy International Animation Film FestivalCrystal Award (Best Award)The movie "Lou's song telling the dawn, And Go Nagai's "Devilman" in a modern style, and drew up to the last of the original "DEVILMAN crybabyWas created. I was asked to see what kind of company produced the work that sets it apart from the others.

Science SARU

Arrived at "Science SARU". Monkey-like characters are drawn on the logo. Originally a character created in place of director Yuasa's self-portrait, it resembled the monkey of “ Kemonozume '', so everyone came to call it a monkey, and it also became the base of the company name “ SARU '' When asked in an interview conducted in 2017,Yuasa himself is not convinced of being a monkeyHe told me.

Stuffed toys from past works are welcomed.

Lou & Dog Fish of "Lou's Song Telling Dawn"

"Adventure timeFinn & Jake

First, the floor of the animators. There is no partition, and thanks to the sunlight, the environment is bright to every corner of the room.

The walls and pillars are white and bright with natural light, but on the other hand, the lighting is slightly reduced so as not to disturb the work, and the ceiling is darker shades, giving a calm impression.

The desk is by Yuasa Asuka, and Fuka Yamashiro and Mari Motohashi, who are deputy directors in front of "Don't touch the video lab!"

This is a floor centered on digital animators, where Macs are lined up.

Interview with producer Choi Eun YoungIt was on this floor that I sometimes took photos.

The work was digitized and it was OK without paper, except for the materials, so there was little overall on the desk and it was very clear.

The adjacent meeting room has a very bright atmosphere.

The desk in the meeting room is like a table tennis table,Ping Pong THE ANIMATIONThe sign and illustration at the time were drawn. This is an illustration by Yuasa.

And here is the production floor. In the central area, the production staff in charge of "Don't go to the video laboratory!"

There is also a meeting room for checking and previewing.

The unbridled work came from an open office that mirrored Yuasa's open mind.

And from today, January 12, 2020 (Sunday) 24:10 (24:45 in the Kansai region), "Don't start your hand at Image Research!" Will be broadcast.

As depicted in Episode 1, Mizusaki is aspiring to be an animator, but parents are not allowed to join the Anime Research Department.

Therefore, in order to create an animation by three people, it is necessary to use means other than the Anime Research Department.

Kanamori pays attention to the point that teachers require "live-action club activities", launches a club activity under the name of "Video Lab", and actually comes up with an idea to make animation.

Professor Fujimoto (voice: Kazuhiko Inoue) who will be involved in the story.

The warehouse that was used by Ani Lab was originally assigned to "Video Lab".

It was Omboro, but for the three, a treasure trove …?

What will the three people create here?

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