What is the selection of rich clothes? Easy-to-understand rules

◆ The choice of rich clothes is extreme. It may look like an "ordinary old man"
What do rich people think about their appearance, such as clothes? In fact, there are people who are completely uninterested and people who are completely absorbed, and they are extremes. The feature is that there are no half-hearted people.

Uninterested people, apart from meeting with others, are completely “ordinary uncles”. There is no decoration at all. This is something I can do because I am confident.

Interested people prefer branded things. However, since we value the sense, we tend to choose something simpler and cooler than a fancy one. Regardless of fashion or reputation, we choose ourselves based on our choice.

◆ Rich people often get advice from clothes professionals
What was surprising was that many had received counseling from stylists and fashion coordinators.

He pays for professional advice, corrects bias, and incorporates new fashions and colors that he has never worn before. Rather than clinging to your own preference, you will be flexible and have a high desire for evolution.

It also seems to change depending on your stage. We have a different way of thinking from being born rich and being made up in a generation.

◆ Spend money on experience instead of appearance when it loses appearance
Born rich people are satisfied with things and have been touching good things since childhood, so they have a choice and tend to use good things for a long time.

That's why wealthy marketing almost fails. No matter how gorgeous the reception room or service is, they can see the authenticity and not be swayed by the company's marketing strategy.

By the way, in the beginning, at first you buy something you want, such as a foreign car, or spend money anyway. Probably because of appearance and desire.

However, after a few years of maintaining their income and assets, they no longer need to look good, have no appetite, and spend less money on their appearance. You spend more on experience than on things. Then it seems to be really rich.

◆ Custom-made suits for work, usually UNIQLO for over 5 years
In my case, suits are made to order, but I only wear them when I meet with a superior or have a job such as a lecture.

I have no interest in private clothes, and I usually spend my time wearing the UNIQLO I bought about 5 years ago. He seems to be hung around in that style, so he seems to be part-time worker or unemployed [laughs].

Sentence = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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