What is the strategy that Internet users have taken to judge the evil bot that sells illustrations posted on Twitter without permission?

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What is the strategy that Internet users have taken to judge the evil bot that sells illustrations posted on Twitter without permission?

You can easily publish your illustrations and manga on SNS such as Twitter, but some people use these works without permission. Some illustrationsartworkSome companies and sites are trying to make money without using it, and Internet users are taking creative strategies to judge such sites.

Artists are provoking Nintendo, Disney to sue bots that steal artwork-Polygon

From around December 2019, the following tweet suddenly started to spread on Twitter.

The tweet says "Someone wants to make this illustration a T-shirt!", But the image attached to the tweet says "Stolen artwork is sold on this site, so don't buy it Is written.

In another tweet, “I love this artwork! Nice illustration! God! I want this T-shirt!”, But the attached picture says “This is Disney ’s It ’s not a licensed product, it ’s not a parody product, we ’re working hard on copyright infringement and we ’d like to appeal to Disney, we ’re ready to pay all the court fees. ” The

The reason why Twitter users are continually posting tweets with discrepancies in the text and attached images@OkazuYuriYou can understand by reading the post by.

@OkazuYuri says, “The following is a list of several sites that automatically turn the artwork stolen from Twitter artists into T-shirts, etc. Please do not purchase products from these sites. We will report if you find ". Apparently, a bot that analyzes tweets like “I like this illustration! Make it a T-shirt!” Sells T-shirts that have stolen artwork on some sites.

@OkazuYuri mentioned the following site that says “You can make Twitter user artwork without permission”. The following sites are all services that allow you to create original T-shirts from illustrations and other images.


Get Your Own Trendy Shirt-CopThisTee



Teezily | Buy, Create & Sell T-shirts to turn your ideas into reality

Toucan Style

On the Toucan Style website,“ (This site sells stolen artwork T-shirts) URL page exists, this page probably says “ Do not buy because this site sells stolen artwork "Please!" However, at the time of article creation, it is marked on the page as "Sorry, this page is no longer available"

Toucan Style

In addition, as an attempt to protect the artist's artwork, why Disney's name and Mickey Mouse illustration were used, Disney has made various attempts in the past to protect Mickey Mouse's copyright It seems to be because it is.

What kind of copyright law changes have been made so far to protect the copyright of Mickey Mouse? -GIGAZINE


As the artists on Twitter begin to implement the above strategy to protect their artwork, many similar issues will be gathered on the Internet.

Twitter user's@TalchyrPointed out that apparel products that infringe copyrights are lined up on the open marketplace.

In addition to the above cases, there are a lot of non-genuine products that infringe copyrights on the online store. For example, as soon as it appeared in "The Mandalorian", it became an explosion of popularity on the Internet.Baby Yoda"Also,Unofficial goodsAppeared in large quantities.

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