What is the threat to the “Internet Archive” that records and stores information on the web?

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What is the threat to the “Internet Archive” that records and stores information on the web?

by drosen7900

Non-profit organizationInternet archiveRecords and stores a large amount of websites and data that appear and disappear on the Internet every day. The information recorded by the Internet archive can be a valuable resource as well as being capable of evidence in trials.CertifiedHowever, it is said that such an Internet archive is silently in danger of survival. He has made significant contributions to the digital archive community and is also known as the central figure in the Internet archive.Jason ScottOn December 10, 2019, he complained on Twitter that the Internet archive is in crisis and we want people to donate.

According to Scott, the Internet Archive has stored copies of websites for 20 years,Wayback machine"It is hosted by services such as". "

As of 2011, when Scott joined the Internet Archive, approximately 5Petabyte (PB)(5000TB) of data was stored, but more careful crawling has been standardized, and as of 2019, the amount of data stored by the Internet Archive has reached 60PB. New data added in 2019 seems to reach 10PB, “ In 2019, twice as much data was added from 1996 to 2011, '' Scott said It is.

Along with the increase in the amount of data to be recorded, there is a problem with the capacity of the drive that stores the data. Internet archives are increasing server rack drives from 2TB to 8TB or 16TB, and are striving to keep more data in a small space. Occasionally, it seems that you will be asked “ Would you like to save the data in the Amazon or Google cloud '', but considering the terms of use and transfer costs, you are managing the server yourself about.

The Internet archive is accessed by over 1 million unique users every day, and the audience is varied from researchers to journalists to activists. All users can access the vast content stored in the Internet Archive in just seconds. For example, the mini-blog “service started in 1999 and closed in 2013”XangaOr …

“ Movie sharing site closed in 2015 after losing competition with YouTube ''BLIP.TV"

A photo sharing site that was closed in 2012Webshots”And many other websites that have already been made inaccessible are stored in their original state.

In addition, activities to save “Google+” content, which was terminated in April 2019, in the Internet archive are also being carried out, and a vast amount of data that should be lost is protected by the Internet archive.

Attempt to save posts to Internet archive before Google+ ends-GIGAZINE

In addition to these activities, daily careful crawling ensures that the disk space of the Internet archive is under pressure. As a result, server operating costs are a significant financial burden for Internet archives, and they are quietly and surely following the crisis. If you want to reduce costs, you can reduce the number of crawling websites and stop some data storage activities, but Scott claims that this is not a good idea for the whole world.

So Scott appeals to people to donate to the Internet Archive. In the United States, donations to the Internet archive are tax-free, and we accept credit card and PayPal payments, and even cryptocurrency payments.

You can donate to the Internet Archive from the following page.

Donate to the Internet Archive!

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