What is the U-turn rate of Maasai who went to earn money in the city? Is returning a person considered a "loser"? Maasai News: The 332nd

spa! I'll answer the question from the request box again. The questioner was Miwa. It was an interesting question, so let's post it in full.

"In the Maasai village, how often are U-turns and I-turns from City Maasai? Also, if you have been living for a long time like Luka, how do you think about the people who are turning? Is it?

I'm thinking about a U-turn lately, but I'm hesitant to worry about being treated like a village halter or a loser. If possible, I would like Masai-like advice. ''

I'm glad I've been studying the city masai and the maasai. Let's answer. In my village, the answer is …

Few people go to the cities [Nairobi or Mombasa] from my village.

The famous strongest Masai warrior in history "SaitouIt's really a rare case that she got a job at a hotel in Mombasa. There was one other warrior who went to Nairobi, but he came back after all.

By the way, both Saitoo and another warrior are occupied by "Guardmen".They haven't graduated from school, so there's only a guardman in the city.In that sense, few people go to work in the city from my village,I always say, "Study is important"Yo.

Now, about "how to think about turns", I think like this.For those who decide to go to the city from now on, "Do your best!" When you return, "Do your best!"That's it.

I don't even think of a loser or such a thing. It's out of the question that it's the village eight minutes.I'm back after doing my best.What a hero. A hero who worked hard in the city.No problem. I came back as a result of my best efforts. What's wrong there?

If you want to make a U-turn as a piece of advice, do it. In our sense, there is nothing to fear. If you do anything wrong … then, ask me again.Don't worry about what people think. Move as you think!を Pray for good fight. Then, Oreseli.

Report:Luke [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

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