What is the way of creating “time” that the rich people value?

◆ If there is no “evaluation axis” and “priority order,” you lose
To create time or reduce wasted time, have your own decision-making methodology.

For example, have you ever had two things you want to shop, and you were lost and couldn't decide? Or, after reading and comparing product brochures over and over, there are experiences that are difficult to decide.

One of the reasons why it takes a long time to make a decision is that your decision axis is not clear or the prioritization of the decision axis is not clear.

Even when you buy a house, if the priority is decided, such as whether the selection criteria is the amount of money, the distance from the station or the size, the speed of narrowing down the candidates will increase.

However, if the standard is only “I want a new house” or “Price that I can buy by myself”, I walked through a lot of new model rooms, but they all seem to be the same.

And there are quite a few people who eventually got tired and became less passionate about buying a house and eventually gave up. Or maybe you'll be ahead of someone who has a quicker decision than you.

If this happens, the time and effort required to consider the house will be totally lost.

◆ Clear evaluation axis convinces others
At work, for example, if you have an evaluation axis and priority for recruitment, you will be able to make highly confident decisions in a short time.

For example, a certain company has about seven evaluation axes such as logic, persuasive power of desire, and clarity of future vision.

Each evaluation axis has a different weight, such as 20% logic and 10% motivation persuasion. Multiply them to give a total score. And finally, give a score to "Do you want to work with this person?"

In addition, despite being in a position where various decisions are required, if you just judge based on your own preferences and impressions, you may be later criticized for "Who, why did you make this?"

However, if the evaluation axes and their priorities are clarified, the persuasiveness from the surroundings will increase, saying, “We decided that this was reasonable based on these criteria.”

◆ The priority axis is gain or pane
There is an axis of "gain or pain" as one reference, which work is prioritized.

“Gain” means “profit / profit”, and “doing this makes it profitable, making more money”, and doing this makes it cost-saving.

Pain is "pain", but here it means "If you don't do this, you will lose." For example, it is a job to avoid "get angry", "evaluation goes down", "loss of trust", "additional effort later", "cost increase".

Whether gain work or pain work is prioritized depends on the magnitude of the impact and the length of time it affects.

For example, respond quickly to those who want to buy, but just send inquiries later in the afternoon. Or, if you leave the claim unattended, it becomes troublesome to become a secondary claim. On the other hand, “Please read this document” from subordinates is an image like “Is it OK after one hour?”.

If you are a company employee, work for customers is a gain, so work on it as a priority, while work for your company is less likely to gain, but do you feel that you will work on what will become the pain?

◆ Try to stop things you don't need to do
Here is another axis of prioritization. This is the way I'm practicing, especially for people who say, “I have to do that, I have to do this, so I ’m too busy”.

That is to ask yourself the following three questions.

1. Do I really have to do it?
2. How much trouble do you have to do?
3. Is the problem causing you devastating damage?

If you can't answer YES to these three questions, you should stop or postpone them.

For example, room cleaning and laundry. 1 is YES, but what about 2. If you don't clean it, it may look bad, stumble, or your spouse will get angry. So what about 3?

If you don't clean it, you won't die and you won't lose money. This is necessary because if you leave it for several months, mites and molds may be generated, but in the current busy situation, do not you think that it does not matter?

Apply this to work as well as housework and childcare. When you think "Is this document really necessary?" Or "Is there anyone in need of this work?"

Text = Toudoo Tono [Money Guide]
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