What is Uber's “Safety Report” whose market capitalization has plummeted more than 150 billion yen a day?

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What is Uber's “Safety Report” whose market capitalization has plummeted more than 150 billion yen a day?

by Victor Xok

The leading vehicle dispatch serviceUberOn December 5, 2019, the company announced its first “Safety Report”. In the report, it was reported that there were about 3000 sexual assault cases per year in 2017 and 2018, and Uber's stock price dropped by 1.4 billion dollars (about 150 billion yen) after the report was announced Giving to people.

Uber ’s US Safety Report

Uber loses $ 1.4 billion in value after reporting thousands of sexual assaults in its rides – Silicon Valley

Uber drivers are being sexually assaulted in their cars, report says-Vox

According to Uber's announcement, the number of people killed in connection with Uber's dispatch service in the United States was 10 in 2017 and 9 in 2018, 49 people lost their lives in the accident in 2017 , With 58 people in 2018. It was also found that the number of sexual assaults reported by Uber users and drivers in the US was 2936 in 2017 and 3045 in 2018.

The table below shows a breakdown of sexual assault cases reported to Uber in the United States. Uber divides the rank of sexual assault cases into five stages, and in order from the top of the table, "kissing non-sexual parts without consent", "attempting sexual insertion without consent", "sexual parts without consent" "Contact", "Kiss of sexual site without consent", "Sexual insertion without consent". The most common of these five stages is “contact with sexual sites without consent”, and 1560 cases were reported in 2018. In addition, 229 cases of “sexual insertion without consent” were reported in 2017 and 235 in 2018.

The fact that nearly 3000 sexual assault cases were reported annually had a shocking effect on many people, but Uber said that the number of sexual assault cases is very small in terms of the total number of rides Pointed out. More than 99.9% of rides using Uber are safe, and the number of rides of Uber as a whole has increased from 2017 to 2018, so it is also claimed that sexual assault cases are decreasing in proportion It is.

Following the announcement of the safety report, UberDara KosroshahiCEO made a statement on Twitter. “To end the sexual assault, we will investigate the number and confront and take action. My heart is with the widespread victims. Our work never ends, but today We took an important step, ”said Kosroshahi.

The announcement of Uber also had a major impact on stock prices, and on December 6, 2019, the day after the safety report was released, Uber's share price fell 2.7%. The closing price on December 5 was $ 28.65 (about 3150 yen), but the closing price on December 6 was $ 27.88 (about 3060 yen). As a result, Uber's market capitalization has been reported to have dropped from $ 48.9 billion (about ¥ 5,380 billion) to $ 47.5 billion (about ¥ 5,230 billion), down by $ 1.4 billion.

Not only Uber is suffering from sexual assault, but alsoLyftIs the same. In December 2019, 19 women were reported to have been sexually assaulted using Lyft.Filed an appeal.

In addition, it is said that not only passengers but also drivers are at risk from sexual assaults in the dispatch service. According to Uber's report, 42% of reports of sexual assault victims were drivers, and Michael Bomberger, a lawyer in charge of lawsuits against Lyft, said, “Drivers are just as sexual as passengers. I have been violated. "

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