What kind of money do I use? / Masai News: No. 333

I think I get good money compared to other Maasai. It will be in the so-called high-paying class. That is whyRepair the well,To fix school,everyoneI'll buy solar lightsThat is.

But "What else are you doing?What? What is it used for?っ て Are you saving? Sleigh ゃ The savings are a little bit. But there are plenty of other uses. So, for example,This is help for Jacqueline.

Jacqueline lives in my village. Born and raised in my village. I have no particular relationship with me. He is not a brother or sister, nor a relative. ButThey are from the same village.Jacqueline was in trouble.

What was in trouble was, "I want to go to high school but have no tuitionWas a problem. Jacqueline was eager to study and was smart. It ’s smart in my village. Still, they can't go to high school because their house is poor.

So I gave the money. Tuition.And Jacqueline can go to high school. Just giving me money changed her future. It was good. Congratulations and congratulations. Study hard Jacqueline.

Jacqueline was an eager and wise child to study if I could help a girl who was neither a brother nor a relative. There is no other reason.For motivated children like her, it's better to learn moreI do.

When this story was put into Japanese go [hatori], he said, "Luka is like Jacqueline's older brother." Sure. But maybe I'm not just Jacqueline, but everyone else in the village. Oreseri!

Report:Luke [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.

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