What kind of work was the color of the cover of the anime magazine in 2019, Newtype & Animage & Animedia annual cover summary


What kind of work was the color of the cover of the anime magazine in 2019, Newtype & Animage & Animedia annual cover summary

CleaningNew type"Animage"AnimediaThe January-December issue of the issue appeared in the January 2019 issue, so in 2019 I tried arranging what works on the cover of the anime magazine.

◆ New type

First of all, the cover of the “New Type” January to December issue looks like this. Seven out of twelve were anime for the movie. In other magazines, multiple characters often decorated the cover, but in the new type, the characters representing the work are often decorated with pins, and the multiple characters are only the January and June issues.

January issueSword Art Online Alicization", February issue"Movie version "Fate / stay night (Heaven's Feel)" II.lost butterfly", March issue"Psycho-Pass the Movie: Sinners of the System"

April issueCode Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection", May issue"Movie version Sound! Euphonium-Finale of Oath-”, June issue“Bungo Stray Dogs"

July issueDemon blade”, August issue“Child of the weather”, September issue“Lord Elmeroy II's Case Book -Magic Collection Train Grace note-"

October issueFive Star Stories", November issue"Who knows the blueness of the sky”, December issue“How to raise her dull Fine"

The back cover looks like this.

The spine is orange and indicates the month number. January-April issue is 800 yen (tax included), May-July / September is 820 yen (tax included), August is 820 yen (tax-included) at special price, October As for the issue, there was a consumption tax hike, so 820 yen (tax included) until September 30 and 835 yen (tax included) from October 1. November and December issues are 840 yen (tax included).

◆ Animage

The cover of the Animage 2019-January issue is like this. There are many character covers, and only the September issue of Kotaro Tatsumi (Zombie Land Saga) decorated the cover with pins.

January issueZombie Land Saga", February issue"SSSS.GRIDMAN", March issue"Hypnosis microphone"

April issueJoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind", May issue"Hypnosis microphone”, June issue“Dororo"

July issueSarazanmai”, August issue“Detective Conan”, September issue“Zombie Land Saga"

October issueDetective Conan Labyrinth Cocktail Edition", November issue"Ensemble Stars!”, December issue“Hypnosis microphone"

The back cover looks like this. Of the 12 books, only two were W-cover specifications.

What was the W cover was the July issueStar Twinkle Precure”And the September issue“Kamen Rider Zio".

Spine. Below the magazine name logo is a special feature of that issue, and only the August issue has been announced as the Anime Grand Prix.

Prices vary considerably. January / April / July / August issue special price 1080 yen (tax included), February issue special price 1200 yen (tax included), March issue special price 1150 yen (tax included), May No./June/September issue special price 980 yen. The October issue is a special list price of 980 yen (including tax) until September 30, and a special list price of 998 yen (including tax) from October 1. November / December issue price 1000 yen (tax included)

◆ Animia

The last is the January-December 2019 issue of Animedia. As with Animage, many characters are drawn in many cases, and only the March issue of Haruka Nanase (Free!) In the cover was decorated with pins.

January issueInazuma Eleven Orion stamp", February issue"Detective Conan Beni's School Trip", March issue"Free! -Road to the World-Dream"

April issueAttack on Titan Season 3 Part.2", May issue"Hypnosis microphone”, June issue“Movie Detective Conan Navy Blue Fist"

July issueFree! -Road to the World-Dream”, August issue“Uta no Prince-sama the Movie: Maji Love Kingdom”, September issue“Detective Conan Labyrinth Cocktail Edition"

October issueEnsemble Stars!", November issue"Demon blade”, December issue“Pokemon"

In addition, 11 of 12 books had W cover specifications.

January issue back coverSSSS.GRIDMAN, February issue back coverSSSS.GRIDMAN, March issue back coverBANANA FISH"

April issue back coverHinomaru Sumo, May issue back coverMovie Detective Conan Navy Blue Fist", June issue back cover"Movie Detective Conan Navy Blue Fist". The June issue is a detective Conan on both the front and back covers, and this is the only case in 2019 where the same work was displayed on both covers.

July issue back coverCard Captor Sakura, August issue back coverShinkansen Deformation Robot The Movie Shinkalion: The Future of God Speed ​​ALFA-X, September issue back coverZombie Land Saga"

October issue back coverMovie version ONE PIECE STAMPEDE, November issue back coverAikatsu! On parade, Only the back cover of the December issue is not a W cover but a simulation RPG for smartphonesPhantom of the kill"

In 2019, Animedia changed its saddle stitching from the same saddle stitching as "New Type" to the same flat stitching as "Animage", and began to have a spine from the November issue. The spine covers the logo of the magazine, the number of issues, the special features of the issue, and the name of the supplementary work.

The logo part has been unified with white letters on a red background, but only the November issue uses light blue for the ground color. The price is a special price for all issues, 980 yen (tax included) for January and February, 990 yen (tax included) for March and April, 1080 yen (tax included) for May, June August / September 1000 yen (tax included), July 1050 yen (tax included), October 1000 until September 30 (tax included), October 1 to 1019 yen (tax included), November and December editions cost 1070 yen (tax included).

◆ Summary of works on the cover

The following table summarizes what kind of works were available. The cover was most frequently displayed by "Detective Conan" (including the movie) five times, followed by "Hypnosis Mike" four times, and "Devil Blade" and "Free!" Twice. If you include the back cover, "Detective Conan" will increase to 7 times. The cover of the new type is quite unique, and it did not overlap with other magazines except for the July issue of "Devil's Blade" appeared in the November issue of Animedia. In addition, Promea, which was an unusual hit as an original theater work, did not appear on the cover of each magazine.

New type Animage Animage (back) Animedia Animedia (back)
January issue Sword Art Online Alicization Zombie Land Saga Inazuma Eleven Orion stamp SSSS.GRIDMAN
February issue Movie version "Fate / stay night (Heaven's Feel)" SSSS.GRIDMAN Detective Conan Beni's School Trip SSSS.GRIDMAN
March issue Psycho-Pass the Movie: Sinners of the System Hypnosis microphone Free! -Road to the World-Dream BANANA FISH
April issue Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Attack on Titan Season3 Part2 Hinomaru Sumo
May issue Movie version Sound! Euphonium-Finale of Oath- Hypnosis microphone Hypnosis microphone Movie Detective Conan Navy Blue Fist
June issue Bungo Stray Dogs Dororo Movie Detective Conan Navy Blue Fist Movie Detective Conan Navy Blue Fist
July issue Demon blade Sarazanmai Star Twinkle Precure Free! -Road to the World-Dream Card Captor Sakura
August issue Child of the weather Detective Conan Uta no Prince-sama the Movie: Maji Love Kingdom Shinkansen Deformation Robot The Movie Shinkalion: The Future of God Speed ​​ALFA-X
September issue Lord Elmeroy II's Case Book -Magic Collection Train Grace note- Zombie Land Saga Kamen Rider Zio Detective Conan Labyrinth Cocktail Edition Zombie Land Saga
October issue Five Star Stories Detective Conan Labyrinth Cocktail Edition Ensemble Stars! Movie version ONE PIECE STAMPEDE
November issue Who knows the blueness of the sky Ensemble Stars! Demon blade Aikatsu! On parade
December issue How to raise her dull Fine Hypnosis microphone Pokemon

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