What kind of world will be in the 2020s waiting for Apple? What comes after mobile?

「" This week's Apple News at a Glance "that summarizes CNET Japan news related to Apple from December 23 to January 5.

ご ざ い ま す Happy new year. This year, we will continue to deliver CNET Japan's Apple fixed-point observation “ Apple News at a Glance '' every week, while closely monitoring the mobile, technology and lifestyle from Apple, which continues to be an important position. . Thank you very much.

2020 Finally, 2020 is a milestone year when the third digit of the Christian era changes. Since I was born in 1980, the feeling of a "knot" in a year with a trailing zero is greater. For technology, a big paradigm will be seen: PCs in the 1990s, the Internet in the 2000s, and mobile in the 2010s. What is the era of the 2020s?

Apple probably symbolized the era the most in the 2010's mobile. The iPhone was announced in 2007 and defined by smartphones, and the same configuration as the iPhone, that is, a package called a pocket computer that can run apps freely with a large display as the main character, overflowed the world.

普及 The spread of this technology has led to the establishment of the app economy territory. In 2008, the App Store prepared by Apple confirmed the mobile app business model and winners. And unlike Microsoft, it has added an option to increase its share of Google's rivals by increasing its market share, thereby keeping Apple out of the bar on antitrust laws in each country.

In 2020, it will probably be a theme represented by technology other than smartphones. However, personal computers, the Internet, and mobile devices, which I have designated as representatives of 10-year breaks, are not necessarily technologies established during that period.Technically, 20 years ago, products and services were established 10 years ago. It's just something that has expanded. In other words, it is better to think that the technology that represents 2020 is something that already exists in the world.

Apple did not become a PC or Internet champion. But mobile caught. The next one should be tricky. In its current state, Apple's weapons will be wearable and augmented reality.

For wearables, the Apple Watch and AirPods series have created an initial market with a significant advantage over other companies. In other words, it plays a role in elevating important usage methods such as fitness, electronic money, music streaming, voice assistant, etc. to more convenient things as being able to demonstrate value in combination with the iPhone. That's right from the iPhone side. But is that all? That is the theme of 2020.

The biggest move in AR in 2019 was the arrival of ARKit 3 for developers, and when objects and people are recognized, og that can be placed behind or in front of graphics drawn according to its location Equipped with a shielding technology called lusion. This makes the synthesis of the real world and the expanded world more natural and realistic.

Moreover, Apple has released Reality Composer, and Adobe has introduced Adobe Aero, a tool for designing AR environments. Finally, not only app developers, but also designers are familiar with the tools and assets that they are accustomed to, and the environment for designing AR environments is ready.

With regard to hardware, UWB (Ultra Wideband Wireless) communication using the U1 chip mounted on the iPhone 11 has made it possible to accurately determine the distance and direction of the target object. This is a huge benefit for AR. In addition, AirPods Pro uses the H1 chip to provide noise-cancelling features, including a very low-latency external sound capture mode. These technologies are also ideal for enhancing the expressive power of AR.

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