What makes a social worker wear a penis mask?


What makes a social worker wear a penis mask?

Wearing masks at supermarkets in the USObligedWears Cloth Masks by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)To recommendAnd, the attention to the mask is getting higher. Meanwhile, a person wearing a "penis mask" appeared. It was just a joke and there was a good reason to wear a penis mask.

Social worker urges safe distancing with face mask covered in penises

It is said that the method of "social distance" is effective for countermeasures against new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19), and not only in Japan but also in many countries, "avoid human interaction" behavior is taken. It is being done. The following article will help you understand what kind of actions you can take to get a social distance.

A movie that experts explain easily “ a concrete method for keeping a social distance '' effective for new coronavirus measures-GIGAZINE

Meanwhile,Medical social workerMindy Vincent, who works as a post, posted a photo on Twitter with a hash tag "#ProjectPenisMask" (project penis mask). Mr. Mindy in the photo wears a mask, but if you look closely, the mask has a penis pattern of various sizes.

At first glance, it's a joke-like post, but Vincent says, "If someone points out that'the penis is on the mask, 'I'll tell you that he's too close to me." It can be seen that we are proposing a unique way to increase social distance.

Vincent also reported purchasing an additional penis mask for a colleague who works with him in the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition, a non-profit public health program. Vincent also notes that this mask is made in China and is one of the fastest masks to reach the United States.

Info for penis masks!

For more info about getting your #projectpenismask, like our page Therapeutic Madness and Utah Harm Reduction Coalition! Together we can #cockblockcorona!

Therapeutic MadnessPosted by Friday April 10, 2020

In addition, in response to the request for a mask, Vincent created a mask himself and sold it for $ 20 (about 2100 yen) each and used the profit for the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition, but the penis mask is already It is sold out. "It's fun that there are 150,000 people wearing a penis mask in this world," says Vincent.

You can read how to make a mask using your favorite cloth from the following.

U.S. Center for Disease Control and Management reveals how to wear cloth masks and how to make a variety of them-GIGAZINE

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