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What nearly 90% of people are worried about when they change their smartphone model …-"HUAWEI P30 lite" will give you that trouble!


The recent evolution of smartphones has been so dramatic that it makes me think that there is nothing I can do anymore. However, while the types and sizes of data handled at the same time have increased, it has become more time-consuming when changing models.

Therefore, at My Navi News, we conducted a questionnaire for members about “thinking troublesome and cumbersome when changing smartphone models”. We got answers from 502 people. As a result, the reality is that more people are struggling with data migration during model changes than expected.

However, some products have a function that makes such troublesome data migration easy and speedy. That is “Phone Clone” pre-installed on Huawei terminals. Here, we will introduce “HUAWEI P30 lite”, which is popular among the latest models equipped with this function.

  • Huawei's "HUAWEI P30 lite"

Before introducing Phone Clone, let's touch on COSPA which is a big feature of HUAWEI P30 lite. Although detailed functions will be described later, the front has a drop-shaped notch design and a narrow frame design with a large screen of approximately 6.15 inches. While incorporating the latest smartphone trends, such as a triple camera on the back, the price is easy to get in the 30,000 yen range. The height of this cospa is also a big weapon of HUAWEI P30 lite. Data migration is easy and cost is high. It can be said that it is a really good smartphone.

"Phone Clone" that can transfer a large amount of data quickly

In the survey, the first question was whether you were using a smartphone or a mobile phone. Including people who use both, about 80% of people use smartphones.

Next, I asked if it would be cumbersome or troublesome to transfer data when changing smartphone models.

As you can see from the graph, nearly 90% of people answered that they think “Yes” and “Somewhat” are bothersome and troublesome. Surprisingly, there were many people who were in industries with high IT literacy and those who answered “I think so” even in my 20s called the smartphone generation. Many people are struggling with data migration regardless of whether they are used to smartphone operations.

Huawei's unique “Phone Clone” can easily realize this troublesome data migration. Since it is pre-installed on the company's terminal, Huawei makes it unnecessary to download apps in advance.

  • "Phone Clone" screen

The convenience of this app is that it can be used beyond the OS and manufacturer of the device. For example, contacts, photos, videos, and other data can be transferred from an iOS device to a Huawei device. If the old model is an Android device, you can also take over message data, music files, and apps. Huawei terminals can transfer data such as calendars, settings, alarms, notes, and browser bookmarks as well as the main data. Depending on the app, you can also migrate in-app data.

  • In the new device “Phone Clone”, select “This device is a new device” and select the OS of the old device to display the QR code [when the old device is Android]

  • In the old terminal "Phone Clone", select "This terminal is an old terminal" and reading the QR code

Moreover, there is no need to connect the terminal to Wi-Fi or other devices in advance. You can directly connect both terminals wirelessly just by displaying the QR code on the new Phone Clone and reading it on the old terminal. All you have to do is select and execute the data you want to transfer.

  • When the QR code is read on the old terminal, the old and new terminals are connected wirelessly.

Since data is encrypted and transferred, security is also safe. Moreover, since the transfer speed is as fast as 1GB / min, it is nice not to wait much even if there are a lot of photos and videos.

  • Select the data you want to transfer on the old device and tap the “Migrate” button to transfer the data to the new device

Even entry model is equipped with triple camera!

If you change to HUAWEI P30 lite with Phone Clone, one of the features you want to try is out camera. Dual cameras were adopted in the previous model “ HUAWEI P20 lite '' which was a top regular in smartphone popularity ranking, but HUAWEI P30 lite has evolved into a triple camera, so it is easy to shoot scenes that were difficult to shoot in the past It has become.

Three types are installed: a main camera of about 24 million pixels, an ultra-wide-angle camera of about 8 million pixels, and a camera for measuring depth of field of about 2 million pixels. With the addition of an ultra-wide-angle camera, it is possible to shoot with a wide angle of view of approximately 120 degrees close to human vision.

  • The out camera is composed of a main camera of about 24 million pixels, an ultra-wide-angle camera of about 8 million pixels, and a camera for measuring depth of field of about 2 million pixels.

This makes it possible to capture the entire scene even in situations where the subject would otherwise protrude from the screen. For example, it is useful when you want to take a group photo in a small room, when you want to take a picture of a large building at a tourist spot where the shooting distance cannot be taken freely, or when you want to take a picture of the surrounding atmosphere with a person.

  • If it is "wide angle" and "1x", there will be a difference in the range that can be captured

  • Examples taken at "wide angle" and "1x" respectively. Wide angle allows you to capture a wide range at once

In addition, zoom shooting has also been increased from 4x to 6x, allowing you to zoom in on subjects far away.

  • Examples taken at "1x" and "6x" respectively. Using 6x zoom, you can take a close-up picture of a distant subject

Some people may think that the camera function has evolved, “Is it difficult to operate?”, But the HUAWEI P30 lite is equipped with AI [artificial intelligence] scene recognition technology and a shutter button. The feature is that anyone can easily take beautiful photos by simply pressing. For example, if you point the camera at a person, it will automatically recognize and enter “portrait” mode, adjusting the color, brightness, and contrast to make the subject stand out. It's surprising because it recognizes a total of 22 scenes, including cats, dogs, pandas, flowers, plants, cloudy, blue sky, and food.

  • I'm shooting using AI recognition. Recognizes cloudy sky accurately and automatically adjusts colors

I actually tried it in various scenes, but I was able to shoot a good-looking photo by accurately recognizing the scene where the photographer was confused as to whether it was “cloudy” or “sunny” like light cloudy. The nice thing is that it recognizes historical buildings, waterfalls, fireworks, autumn leaves, and snow. It is very convenient that you can take photos as you wish, even if you are on vacation, as you often ask people to take a shutter.

  • In portrait photography, it is finished in an impressive photo that emphasizes people.

  • An example of shooting flowers with an out-camera. I was able to shoot so that the colors of the vivid petals stand out

  • You can shoot landscapes with appropriate brightness just by releasing the shutter.

  • I was able to focus sharply on the fish over the aquarium.

  • I was able to shoot the night view sharply, taking full advantage of the atmosphere.

SELPHY is beautiful with an in-camera of about 24 million pixels

A major feature of HUAWEI P30 lite is that not only the out camera but also the in camera has high image quality. The number of pixels is about 24 million pixels, and it can shoot high-definition photographs comparable to single-lens cameras. It is a nice point that you can enjoy a beautiful selfie so that you can withstand viewing even if you print on the size of a large poster.

  • A camera with about 24 million pixels is mounted on the front

The AI ​​scene recognition function is also installed in the in-camera, and it accurately recognizes the location and light conditions and adjusts the color, brightness, and contrast. For example, in a room, it is recognized as “room”, and it is possible to shoot with a bright and warm color tone even under a bluish cold-colored illumination.

  • Enjoy selfies easily with a high-quality in-camera

When shooting against the sun outdoors in fine weather, the face may usually be darkened by backlighting, but with the HUAWEI P30 lite, both the face and background can be shot with just the right brightness. In places surrounded by flowers, it is possible to shoot so that both the flowers and the human face look beautiful. In addition, 8 types of scenes such as plants, night views, and stage / live can be recognized in real time.

  • With AI recognition, you can take beautiful pictures of people and backgrounds.

Of course, it is also equipped with correct functions that are essential for SELPHY. With “Beauty Correction”, you can shoot with reduced skin dullness and roughness. Since the correction level can be adjusted in 10 steps, you can feel safe even when your skin is not healthy. I actually tried it, but in the case of HUAWEI P30 lite, it seems that it is corrected to natural feeling after recognizing the shape and type of the face by AI, and even the most effective level 10 will have less discomfort Was a good impression.

The high performance and beauty of the hardware are also attractive!

When choosing a smartphone, not only the ease of data migration and the height of the camera function, but also the hardware performance is an important point. In that respect, HUAWEI P30 lite is unmissable.

For example, high design. A 3D curved design with gently curved edges is used to achieve both a sophisticated look and ease of gripping. There are three types of color variations available, but each of them has a high quality finish that is unlikely to be an entry model. In particular, Peacock Blue, which has a beautiful gradation, changes its expression in a complex manner depending on the viewing angle, so you never get tired of seeing it.

  • HUAWEI P30 lite that incorporates 3D curved design and is familiar to the hand

  • There are three types of color variations for the back cover. Among them, Peacock Blue is attractive to change the expression in a complex manner depending on the angle and the degree of light

The display uses a drop-type notch design that minimizes the in-camera cutout. The size is about 6.15 inches and the resolution is FHD + [2312 x 1080 pixels] and high definition. Therefore, you can enjoy a lot of video and games on a spacious screen. Furthermore, it also supports playback of high-resolution sound sources, and if you have compatible headphones, you can easily immerse yourself in a sound with a large amount of information and high resolution.

  • Adopting a large display of approximately 6.15 inches, FHD + [2312 x 1080 pixels] with a drop-shaped notch design

The “HUAWEI Kirin 710 processor” for the middle range is adopted for the SoC that is the brain of the smartphone, and it achieves both high-speed processing and power saving. In addition, 4GB of large-capacity RAM is installed, and it is encouraging to operate crisply even when multiple applications are running. The built-in storage is 64GB too large. It also supports microSD cards up to 512GB, so it's safe for people who want to take pictures and videos.

  • Also supports microSD cards up to 512GB

The battery is also about 3340mAh, an increase of more than 10% from the previous model, and in the case of general usage, if the battery is fully charged, it will have a day. Actually, I tried taking photos with the camera on the go and playing the game for a long time, but there was less reduction than I thought and there was no opportunity to use the mobile battery prepared just in case .

  • The battery has a large capacity of about 3340mAh. It can be set in detail according to how it is used to reduce battery consumption.

In addition, "Simple mode" is installed for beginners and elderly users. The home screen is literally simpler, and the icons and characters are larger and easier to see, so if you are not familiar with the standard home screen, you should try it.


The smartphones for entry that can be purchased in the 30,000 yen range and with such performance and functions are rare, and COSPA is very expensive. If you are looking for a smartphone that can easily migrate data or a sophisticated smartphone with a sophisticated design, why not consider it as a candidate for purchase?

  • Huawei's HUAWEI P30 lite is a sophisticated design with high functionality condensed in the body. Packed with attractive features such as ease of data migration and high camera performance

[PR] Provided by: Huawei Japan

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