What options should the iPhone 11 series bottom model users buy?

The 13th generation iPhone has three models with different specs: “iPhone 11”, “iPhone 11 Pro” and “iPhone 11 Pro Max”. Although the SoC is the same “A13 Bionic” and the memory is the same as 4GB, there are differences in whether the camera is dual or triple, whether the display is liquid crystal (Liquid Retina HD) or organic EL (Super Retina HD).

Cameras and displays are good parts for those who want to stick, but Pro and Pro Max have equipment that is not available in the normal iPhone 11. If you hear that it is used every day and has a big impact on usability, you may not be calm.

The equipment that the normal iPhone 11 does not have is "USB-C to Lightning cable" and "18W USB-C power adapter". The standard iPhone 11 comes with the same “5W USB power adapter” and “USB-A to Lightning cable”, but the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max has a USB-C cable and AC adapter that support high-speed charging. Is attached.

Conversely, if you are convinced of the normal iPhone 11 camera / display, if you purchase a "USB-C to Lightning Cable" and "18W USB-C Power Adapter", the charging environment will be iPhone 11 Pro / It will be equivalent to Pro Max. The latter power adapter can be replaced by a third-party if it conforms to the “USB-PD” standard, so if you get the former Apple standard cable, you can catch up with the charging environment of the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max.

Of course, “USB-C to Lightning Cable” can also be used with normal iPhone 11. If you get a cable of less than 2,000 yen and combine it with a USB-PD compatible AC adapter / battery, the charging speed will be dramatically improved.

  • Which options should "Breathe 11 users" buy?

    Normal iPhone 11 users can be happy if they get the "USB-C to Lightning Cable"

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