What Porsche Museum wants for classic vehicles

The first model with the name of Porsche was introduced to the world in 1948 356 Roadster No. 1, but the history itself has continued for more than 110 years.

It is an obvious challenge for the Porsche Museum in Germany to be able to experience the development stages that are important in its history. The concept is not only to preserve the collection in its original form, but to maintain it in a state where it can be run more than anything else.

To that end, a unique workshop is run in the center of the Porsche Museum. Eight excellent professional engineers maintain Porsche sports and racing cars of all manufacturing years, as well as prototypes and experimental vehicles. The museum workshop is also a base for classic car racing. From repairs and maintenance work to numerous rally entry preparations and complete restoration work, almost everything can be done at the Porsche Museum.

Here, you can use the resources of Porsche Classic and Porsche Motorsport even if you are faced with a restore work that seems impossible. As a brand ambassador, Porsche revived in such a way and runs around the world. From the Porsche Museum collection, about 800 units are exhibited annually at over 320 events held in more than 30 countries.

Before exhibiting, each vehicle will be prepared in perfect condition at the museum workshop to fulfill its original goal of “running and inspiring”.

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