What services do the rich consider as one of the investments they use?

If you have a busy double-income household, it is difficult to balance housework and childcare, and if there is a family who is worried that marriage quarrels will continue or one of them must leave the company, a service such as a housekeeper and a babysitter is provided. How about considering it?

◆ Paying money and renting a person is one of the investments
Certainly the rates are not that cheap. Especially in caring for babies, the quality of the sitter is also important, so if you ask someone who is strong, it will still cost you some money.

The female editor I worked with seemed to use a baby sitter almost every day on weekdays because she was a couple working after the birth of her second child and was so busy that I could not pick up a nursery school . The cost was said to have cost 200,000 yen a month, and said that "most of the salary disappeared in sitters."

Most salaries are sitters! You may be wondering what you are working for, but this is an important investment.

Some people refer to the use of sitters as "careless childcare" or "children are poor," but use of sitters is quite common overseas. In the UK, it is a professional qualification called "Nanny", and in other countries it is common, for example, as a part-time job for high school students.

It is an adult's belief whether it is poor or not, and you will not know unless you ask your child. Omissions and pitifulness are merely groundless suggestions that we want to justify our view of parenting.

◆ Eliminating housework time and effort increases motivation to work
The same goes for home helpers [housekeepers] who do house cleaning, laundry and cooking. Although cleaning and washing are certainly necessary to live comfortably, doing so by itself does not provide any additional benefits.

It is worthwhile in life, but its economic value is low. It may be cheaper than cleaning or eating out, though …

Home cooking is safer than eating out because you don't know what's in it, but it's harder to go shopping at the supermarket on the way home from work, then cook after returning home.

For that reason, it is more problematic to hunt down yourself, say "Oh, I have to do it …", get married, get tired, lack sleep, and hinder the work and vitality of the next day.

If you spend that time and effort with money, you will have time for family reunion, and if you have enough time to relax, you will be able to work tirelessly the next day.

If so, the spending is worth the investment. That "mothers should do housework and childcare" is only a relic when the way of life as a full-time housewife was mainstream.

The prices are so different that they can't be compared side by side, but in the first place most overseas rich people are hired by housekeepers and babysitters. It's hard …

Buying family time and vitality is a worthwhile investment
Even at my home, I have a housekeeper come regularly. If you have the time to do housework, you can return more to work and spend time with your children.

When I was occupied by work in the evening, I had a cooking preparation service to prepare a week's worth of food, so shopping and cooking are unnecessary.

Some people say they don't want to use others because they don't want to be in the house, but if you come to the same person, it's like having an acquaintance.

In other words, if you think of buying family time and energy, you can think of it as a worthy investment. Anyone who simply says "wasteful" may need to doubt the value of their life rather than money.

Text = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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