What to do if you can't visit the new Corona –Advantages and disadvantages, public relations activities in the age of telework

The number of companies doing telework has increased rapidly due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Web media such as CNET Japan had high IT skills for editors, and because equipment and home lines were in place, telework was being introduced one after another from the end of March.

Writer's job is a public relations agency that helps publicity of client companies. We introduce new products to editors and have them write articles. Even if I wanted to introduce a new product, the editorial department had no editors since the introduction of telework. What do you do now?

This time, let me introduce the public relations activities that have changed drastically due to the new coronavirus. Not limited to public relations, it may also be helpful for people who are unable to visit business partners such as sales.

What are you doing in public relations?

General people may have an image of a CEO giving a presentation at a large venue or an entertainer publicizing the new product in hand when they hear the announcement of a new product. Many new products are announced every day, but not all of them gather the press to hold new product launches. Other than the presentation, the author has two public relations means:

  • Visit publishers in advance to demo new products and deliver later releases
  • Email new product releases

Depending on the size of the company, name recognition, popularity, attention, etc., the choice of “recital,” “media visit,” or “delivery only” will depend on the features of the new product, market value, impact, strength Also depends on. Let me explain using the case where the author actually publicized.

Gaming device "Mad Catz" returns to Japan

First is the case of the presentation. Mad Catz, which was famous for its gaming devices, has returned from bankruptcy and will resume sales in Japan. We held a press conference because a representative of a manufacturer came to Japan from overseas and the Japanese agency requested that we want to hold a presentation. The author gathers dozens of editors and writers for public relations, and also creates release materials. On the day, the standing position of the speakers, the position of the background logo, and lighting were adjusted for shooting. Distribute copies of business cards of three speakers along with the materials. The author also took charge of the moderation.


Loan platform that connects individuals and banks "Cloud loan"

Next is a case of visiting the medium. It is a B to C matching service that allows individuals to receive loans [such as car loans] from banks at low interest rates. Since it is a startup, I visited the medium with the representative. He explained to the editor the demonstration of inputting a loan request with a smartphone, the actual situation of personal loans and the mechanism of services.


"Planex releases full-HD compatible webcam" USB-CAM01 "

Finally, a case of release distribution only. The estimated selling price of the webcam is 3980 yen [tax included], so it is an ordinary product, but the biggest point is that it will be released at this time when the webcam is short. It emphasizes the fact that it can be installed on a tripod and that the camera head and stand can be rotated for a high degree of freedom in installation, but it is not a product that is purposefully shown to the editorial department. Products that "can be understood by looking at the release" are distributed only.


In this way, the presentation method is selected according to the company and product. In my case, the client company is different each time, but a company public relations officer will choose the release method according to the product.

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