What was it made for? │ Yellow rocket car that is too unique to "fire things"

This one, which looks like a rocket to a car, has no appearance, but was built in 1953 based on the Fiat 1100. Since the engine has not been changed, its power remains at 50hp. The Italian company Carrozzeria Fisole asked Mesital in Bologna to make a production request to advertise its own product, instant soup [soup cube]. Mesital, which was well known at the time, emphasized entertainment by advertising at TV shows. It can be said that such a unit was born from such an intention.

See photos from the time [9 photos]

This car has something like two machine guns, but it was made to fire things. At events and on TV shows, I used to shoot soup cubes to entertain people. From 1953 to 1964, it was used as an advertising car for soup cubes, and was used as an advertising car for the disco club "Dancing 007" that remains. At this time, he was running while launching an advertising flyer. And a few years later, he retired as an advertising car. A collector found a place that had been left unattended and gave a full restore.

When it was discovered, it seems that it was almost in a scrapped state, but now it is revived as it was at the time when it was entertaining people including paint. In addition, the person who performed the restoration is still the owner.

And it is currently on sale at the auction, but the estimated winning bid is between 40,000 and 45,000 euros [about 4.82 million to 5.43 million yen]. I am looking forward to the results of what kind of use will be purchased next.

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