What was the gyoza so far … A technique that overturns the common sense with the gyoza's professional direct story "The trick to making grilled gyoza deliciously"

Is there anything you are conscious of when you bake gyoza? Probably most people say "as per the instructions." Put the hot water of the number written on it and steam it, and then put the amount of oil on it again.

However, in fact, each process has a point to make it delicious, which makes the gyoza look into a different face. This time, our editorial department is from a gyoza professional"Tips to make grilled gyoza delicious"But the result was so delicious that it was recognizable … it was the birth of a beautiful gyoza. Today, the common sense of gyoza is overturned!

・ The teacher is the representative director of the Gyoza Association

Let me introduce my teacher at once. It was a general incorporated association that taught me tips that can be said to be a permanent preservation versionRiki Onodera, representative director of the Gyoza Association and gyoza jockeyIt is.

Onodera eats gyoza almost every day"Gyoza addiction". It is a “gyoza professional” who has a wealth of knowledge in the field of order as well as stores, and holds events on gyoza. Teacher, thank you!

・ Point summary

I'd like to go through the steps one by one because of the trouble, but some of you may want to teach me, so let me tell you the points in a bulleted list first. If you keep these, you can easily cook gyoza beautifully!

・ Bake in a thick frying pan
・ Bake with gas rather than hot plate or IH
・ The best fire strength is medium heat
・ Apply oil to the bottom (baked surface) of gyoza
・ Oil rice
-Shake the frying pan for finishing

Some of these are the "answers" that Onodera-san derived from his years of experience. Among them"Grease the bottom of the gyoza firmly."This is a point that tends to get through, so remember it! Let's start the class !!

・ Tips to make delicious and beautiful dumplings

This time, when taking the teacher's class,Raw dumplings(Recommended over frozen).

Dandadan will notice a slight difference only in the gyoza that he often eats. By the way, before baking gyoza, first preheat. The frying pan is preferably a thick one that is difficult to cool.

Medium fire. By the way, medium heat differs depending on the size of the frying pan,It is best if the fire does not run from the bottomIt is. If it warms up, let the water drip a little, and if it seems to evaporate immediately, there is a sign of ready. When putting dumplings, the oil can be broken and the fire can be turned off once, but work should be done as soon as possible to keep it warm.

The oil used isRice oilIs recommended. Salad oil is not absolutely useless, but it does smell. In that respect, the difference is obvious without having to smell much after baking rice oil!

And nextApply oil firmly to the bottom of gyozaI have to work. Normally, it is easy to put dumplings on top of the ground oil, but depending on whether or not oil is applied here, the fate will be determined by whether “baked” tastes good. Also, leave some space as the gyoza gradually expands.

When that's done, pour hot water and start steaming, but during that time do not open the lid and let the cook pass through the bean paste. Wait for about 5 minutes …

A crackling sound is heard from the frying pan, and when the bubbles grow white and big, it is a signal that the near completion is near. At that timing …

Open the lid and close it immediately, as moisture will not fly if steam is stale. If you don't mind the oil flying around, you can leave the lid on. From here, we start with steaming and baking, but we must definitely do it …

It's a frying pan

By doing this, the water will fly faster at the ends and prevent the dumplings from sticking together. When the gyoza's border turns brown, the signature is ready. This is evidence that the inside is burnt, so let's drain the oil and turn it over. Put a plate that fits the bottom and drain the oil …


Wow ……… !!

Beautiful! … !!

The gyoza swelling in the bread pan is very juicy because it contains moisture. The skin was crisp just by baking with gas, and it was possible to taste the unprecedented texture. As for the taste, the gyoza you eat in the shop is also deliciousIt was even betterIt's not because of my care.This is over!

・ I made it myself

It seems easy to look at, but it may be difficult to actually do it. From here, cooking of our editorial department. I would like you to look at it as a review.

First, adjust the medium heat. OK!

Drop a small amount of hot water on a frying pan and check if it evaporates

Oil on the bottom of the gyoza

Hot water


Shake the frying pan

Turn it over!

Then !!!!

How is it? I'm not doing anything special, but it clearly stands out from the past. In addition, the taste of the skin is another dimension. Once again, juiciness surpasses that eaten in stores.

Until now, our editorial department had used a hot plate for fear of charring and failing, but it was so different that we decided to gas and frying pan next time. Anyone can do the tricks taught this time, so be sure to try it at home!

Report:Harada Takashi

Photo: RocketNews24.

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