What's the best way to quickly read QR codes on Android?

Opportunities to use QR codes are increasing. QR code has been recognized as one of the means of mobile payment because of the low initial cost that can be used if you prepare a smartphone and app with camera function. A QR code is also indispensable when you follow / follow your friends on LINE or Twitter.

It is the QR code, but it is basic to use a dedicated application corresponding to the service to be used. In the case of QR code payment, there are two usage styles: “ reading '' by yourself scanning the QR code posted at the store and “ reading '' to have the clerk scan the QR code displayed on the smartphone at hand However, in any case, it is assumed that you use the payment screen of the app for “XX Pay”.

However, when reading other QR codes, the best way to use an Android device is to use Google Lens. The Google lens can be activated via the Google Assistant, which starts when you press and hold the Home button, so you can call it immediately in any state. There is no need to prepare third-party apps.

When you tap the lens button at the bottom of the screen (the button with a circle in the center of a square with rounded corners), the “Google lens” that analyzes the image held over the camera will start. When a QR code is detected in the camera's field of view, the surrounding area is surrounded by a white line. Tap it to analyze the content of the QR code and perform various processes such as displaying a web page by tapping a URL.

In addition, if you read the QR code of “XX Pay” with Google Lens, the URL used by the payment service will be detected. Since the URL can often be accessed only with a dedicated application, it is less time-consuming to use a dedicated application without using a Google lens.

  • What is the best way to quickly read QR codes on Android?

    "Google lens" is convenient for QR code reading

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