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Now is the time to enjoy “AI” with smartphone apps. "AI Live-Foster conversations, bitches and chats with AI]You can experience "infinite chatting LIVE" by AI characters.

Is the training game of "AI Live-Everyone Talking and Complaining, Complaining and Chatting with Artificial Intelligence" as a training game?

Until now, I have been trying various killing games, but nowadays I feel a rut. I was searching for a more innovative and interesting game, but I heard that there was an app called “AI Live-Let's Talk and Communicate, Complain and Chat with Everyone”. According to what I heard, she could talk with AI for 24 hours. I thought the image was close to a chatbot, but …

AI character droids greet you!

Start the application immediately and enter the "user name" used for chat. This time, I changed the user name to "popo". As soon as you enter the delivery room, the AI ​​character Droid greets you, "Hello, Popo-san!"

By the way, there seems to be visitors other than me, and other people are chatting one after another. When I lost and posted "Droid-chan" and "I was hungry," Droid-chan replied, "Too hungry." A little impressed …

This is not a chat room but a live distribution room. Without talking to me, Droid is talking about something. Sometimes it tells you the time, and sometimes it makes the news a topic.

The most amazing thing is that the more you talk, the more AI characters are cultivated. Apparently, as the level rises, variations in the story, special skills, and tone will change. It makes me feel like I'm raising children.

If you have more spare time, why don't you enjoy chatting with AI?

AI Live-Everyone talks and complains and chats with artificial intelligence ・ Distributor: Masashi Kunugi
・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Entertainment
・ Capacity: 45.7 MB
・ Version: 1.2.1
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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