When Hironaka Ana and Kimtaku meet … Doraemon Movie PR

Savannah Shigeo Takahashi [43] TV Asahi Hironaka Ayaka announcer [29] completes "Movie Doraemon Nobita's New Dinosaur" [directed by Kazuaki Imai, released on March 6] in Tokyo on the 16th. , Shizuka, Gian and Sune attended.

A story that begins when Nobita discovers a dinosaur egg during a fossil excavation experience. Takahashi and Hironaka Ana attended as special supporters of the movie.

The two supporters answered questions from the characters. When Nobita asked if he had watched the movie, Takahashi said, "It was insanely fun! The scene where dinosaurs came out was impressive."

When she was asked about Valentine's Day the other day by her husband, Anna Hironaka said, "I'm an adult, so I gave out lots of chocolate in law!" Takahashi was lonely, saying, "I got it from an udon shop lady who went to eat during the day."

Also, the work is talked about by guest voice actor Takuya Kimura. Earlier, Hironaka Ana shouted, "I thought I could meet Takuya Kimura …" in front of the speakers.

Director Imai also attends.

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