When I asked the barber, "Make a mustache like Masahiro Chono!", it seemed to be insanely strong!

A man who had less opportunities to meet people on telework may have had the habit of growing his beard. I [Sato] is one of them. However, it cannot be said that it has been stretched. If you're interested, it's a good idea to make it your favorite beard.

I think so, visit the barber shop"Please make a beard like Masahiro Chono!"When I asked him, he seemed to be very strong! Is it because I feel the American wind?

・It became stronger!

The shape of Mr. Chono's mustache"Horse-shaped"That's right. Hulk Hogan fits in this way, leaving a mustache to trace around the mouth. I added a beard of the face line to the horseshoe"Mexican & Sideburn"I decided to have it arranged in that style. And this was done!

I just shaved the beard on my chin and neck,Looks like it's insanely strong! It seems to be about 1.5 times stronger than I imagined. I don't see anyone with this type of beard. At least I've never met. Wearing sunglasses adds to the atmosphere.

Wow! !!

that? @Youth is Stan Hansen, but Mr. Chono, oh well.

・Hat looks good

By the way, this beard, ten-gallon type hat suits fiercely. Create a collage with a valley in the background and you'll be in the mood!

The English letters will fit nicely. It seems like a noisy sheriff who appears at the beginning of a zombie movie and gets angry first.

For men who continue to work from home and have few opportunities to meet people in the future, why not explore the style of beard? Just as hairstyles can change the atmosphere, whiskers should also create a different personality. Let's try various things and discover a new me.

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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