When I downloaded the app, the message "Use Wi-Fi later" was displayed!?

When you download an app in the App Store, the message "Use Wi-Fi later" is displayed, so you tried to start downloading the app when Wi-Fi was not available, such as outdoors? It means "start downloading the app when Wi-Fi can be used later", so it will be reserved for downloading after connecting to some Wi-Fi access point.

If you tap "Download" instead of "Use Wi-Fi later", the application will start downloading immediately without waiting for connection to the Wi-Fi access point. Mobile data communication charges (packet charges) are incurred, but you can quickly get the application.

This feature was introduced in iOS 13, and has the implication of virtually eliminating "limit app downloads by capacity." Up to iOS 12, apps larger than 200 MB could not be downloaded unless you were connected to Wi-Fi, but with iOS 13, you can proceed with the download, although there is a warning.

However, there is a danger in removing the application download capacity limit. When you are roaming overseas, you will be charged a high amount of data charges regardless of whether you are using it in Japan, which may result in a surprising charge.

If you open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "iTunes Store and App Store" → "App Download", you can change the warning criteria when downloading the app. Even if you select “Always allow”, which is the most gentle, you will always be asked for download permission when roaming (not automatic download), so there is not much risk of high billing, but “after using Wi-Fi” If you get lost in "downloading", remember your communication plan.

  • When I downloaded the app, it says "Use Wi-Fi later"!?

    Should I tap "Use Wi-Fi later" or "Download" when downloading the app outdoors?

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