When I made an original sock with MUJI, I cried because it was too unsophisticated → I was cried twice by a clerk


    You can make only one original sock in the world … And what about that MUJI product?

    I wouldn't have to do that! I tried to make it with joy and courage. What is different from what I thoughthave done. I'm responsible for everything, but readers should not be my second dance. Go beyond my spear!

    MUJI's original socks can be found in Sumida Ward, Tokyo“Kinshicho Parco”Only (as of December 5). It is a new store that just opened in March 2019. By the way, Kinshicho has an “Arcakit Kinshicho Store”, so I was warned. Anyway, if you rush into Parco from the south exit of Kinshicho Station, there is no doubt.

    Among the one-floor MUJI stores, the Parco store boasts the largest sales area in the Kanto region. However, when I was walking in a large store, I noticed the sock workshop.

    In the glass-walled workshop, you can see the appearance of the machine! Yes, what to hide This machine is the “knitting machine” that can produce original socks.

    The base sock is MUJI's popular product “Right Angle Socks”. Sizes range from children's (15cm ~) to women's (21cm ~) and gentlemen (25cm ~), but the color seems to be only "grey" for all sizes.

    If it is a plain one, it costs 400 yen per pair, and 600 yen (including tax) if it comes with a pattern, but of course I decided to make an “original sock with a pattern” this time!

    As for how to make it, the drawing software (Photon) of Surface PC installed in the store,

    Draw a picture using a mouse or touch pen! (I challenge with a touch pen)

    I have never used a touch pen at all, but there is also a manual at hand, and there is also a polite explanation from the clerk,Played to death with Super Nintendo's Mario Paint with a drawing functionWell, it will be somehow! (And I originally thought …)


    ・ 30-minute one-time match time attack

    Well, there are a few points to keep in mind when making this original sock."30 minutes time limit"That there is. Is it an approximate time? I thought, but there is a timer, so there is a gachinko. That's why 30-minute production, startin!

    This time I wanted to make "Rocket News original socks".

    If you make a sock with the rocket news logo in one point, isn't it pretty cute and easy to use? *

    Absolutely good !! (^_^) Mass production and sell it to the editorial staff!

    Now draw! By the wayAvailable colors are black, green, blue, white, red and yellow.First, draw the tip of the rocket …

    Next, draw the body …

    I drew a tail but …

    What's this … Not like a "rocket" …

    Here's the second point to note“Be mindful of those who don't have a picture”.In my case, when I saw a bad rocket that I drew, I was about to break my heart. Rather, if you think carefully about the “Mario Paint” experience that supported the heart, that game “Ahhhhh” I didn't have much memory of painting. Can you draw this? (Sweat)

    If you compare it with the rocket and the logo you drew, what is the difference? I noticed. Just paint the rocket's warhead red! But ──

    Something,"Blood Loofah"I was able to. Moreover, fire is blowing from the ass …

    It's an emotional story!

    Already Yada! I want to go home !!

    However, the remaining time is less than 5 minutes. No one is crying. I am desperately trying to fix it, but …

    No,No matter what you do, you can only see the loofah …What's up, this hey hey hey !!!!

    And time up here! Is there an additional time? I thought, but the clerk screamed the whistle at the end of the match with no questions and answers. Oh, stop … Don't look at the screen, I'm embarrassed …

    ・ Completed in 3 weeks

    Thus, my loofah joined the MUJI sock production line. Although it was supposed to be completed in about two weeks at the beginning, it took about three weeks when I ordered it because it was crowded and there was a machine trouble.

    3 weeks later … (pounding) Finally, "original socks" have been completed !!

    Difficult to think ~~~~ !!!!!*

    Loofah … Originally, the position of the rocket has shifted more than expected !!!!

    In the ideal I envisioned, I wanted the rocket to come to the top of the socks, but when I look at the finished product, the rocket is flying from the ankle to the instep of the foot.And big.It is not unmarked.

    Here is the third point to note,“If you want to make a one-point sock, it ’s small, and then draw the picture on top!”

    I received a lecture from the store clerk, and it is written in the manual. In my case, I looked at the screen from a bird's-eye view, whether it was because the screen was enlarged or it was too tempered. He neglected to do so, and as a result, he drew a picture in the wrong place. By the way, according to a store clerk later,One point has to be drawn very small and the difficulty is high.

    So I want to send it from beginners to beginners The most important advice is "consult the store clerk about the sock image in advance". If you do this, you will be able to make socks that are somewhat close to your ideals.


    ・ The clerk was a god

    Oh, but my socks are completely failed … Kore thought that she could not recover without at least laughing at people, so she slammed her socks against the store clerk.

    Writer“I was completely gorgeous … I made a great thing. Haha …”

    Clerk"That's not true! It's very nice."


    Lie aaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! (cry)

    Don't be gentle … tears come out …


    Writer"Is that so …"

    Clerk“Other customers make socks more freely, flashy, and fun! Because they are original socks only for me ^^”

    Surely, when you look at the socks displayed in the “Sock Studio”, you can see many of the socks designed. That's right … Socks are free. in addition,I have only one sock in the world! *When I thought, mystery and attachment came to me.Thank you, MUJI clerk!

    And above all,The comfort of unmarked “right angle socks” is Psychooooo !!!! Iyafuoo !!!!

    If you are interested, please make your own socks. By the way, the reception is only at the store, and telephone reservations are not possible. In addition, as of December 5, there is a possibility that it will take about 4 weeks to deliver because there are so many applications. Those who are considering Christmas presents should be safe.

    Oh, and! Since image data can not be brought in, even those with no imagination can only draw with their own abilities! Good luck!

    Reference link:MUJI Kinshicho PARCO


    Photo: RocketNews24.

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