When I tried to buy the "Kingdom Bento" released today, I couldn't go straight / I cried for jealousy to Kyushu

Of course if you are a Kingdom fan, you should have already checked it, but on July 3, 2020, "Kingdom Bento" was released. As its name suggests, it is a product that collaborates with the anime “Kingdom” and is produced by Yamata Communications Co., Ltd. and Urara Cube Co., Ltd.

Yamaya is a long-established store in Fukuoka prefecture. Of course, there should be no taste for the taste! ……So I went shopping from the first day, but it's not easy. And I felt like crying because I was jealous of Kyushu. Because…

・Don't go straight

Kingdom bento are available in four types: Shin, Eisei, Kyokai, and Ouki. However, the sales area is limited, and all types of comps may be difficult. By the way, Bento is located at Shin-Osaka Station, Shin-Yokohama Station, Haneda Airport, Shin-Osaka at Kanokai, Hakata Station and Fukuoka Airport at Ooki.

Then I came to Tokyo station, but from hereAttackWas like. The number of users is visibly decreasing due to the new coronavirus, but Tokyo Station is a huge terminal station and it is a maze. In the direction Onchi, I had to flip over the map to find what was where.

・To the Shinkansen platform

They are sold at the JBT SHOP TOKYO [inside the JR Expressway Bus Stop], the “Delica Station” just after entering the south transfer point of the Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen, and the same store near the 7th and 18th lines [July 3rd]. As of day]. At first I was looking for it myself,Falfal the same place and I'm about to get lostTherefore, I fled to the information and headed for the Shinkansen platform near my position.

Even if you don't plan to board the Shinkansen, you can get in for only two hours by paying an admission ticket for 140 yen. When it's done, it's almost time for the Kingdom Bento!


When I entered from the south exit of the Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen, there was a delica station as informed. So when I went to the bento corner…

Discover the Kingdom Lunch Box!“Yamaya Toshin no Zen [Yamaya Spicy Mentaiko & Spicy Yakiniku]” and “Yamaya Chinese Unified Zen Meat [Menta Dai Takana Fried Rice & Menta Oil Goat Chicken]” are both 1480 yen including tax. I hesitated to choose the belief of the protagonist.

・Actual meal

Let's eat. In the packageLimited design using illustrations drawn for this purposeIs drawn, and the tension rises just by looking. The lunch box is large and it looks like a royal spear…

The price is a little high, but it's a gorgeous lineup. There is a whole spicy mentaiko on top of the white rice, plus beef yakiniku menta flavour, steamed chicken oil gourmet chicken sauce, chicken fried pork mentaiko flavor, sesame dumplings, vermicelli salad, and more!

It is spicy and accented because it has the flavor of mentaiko. Nevertheless, it is a stable lunch that is easy to eat for Hijo and accepted by everyone.

As a purchase privilege, a clear bookmark [bookmark] featuring the serifs of four types of characters is included. I had the same belief as the bento that I bought, with 4 kinds of each randomly placed, 1 for each bento.

・Kyushu is one of the most luxurious

It's a pleasure to have just earned. I am very satisfied with the clear bookmarks.Though it was, I couldn't wipe the jealousy of Kyushu. Yes, only the bento sold in Fukuoka…

Royal faceIt has a big impact. It seems that every bento was made after trial and error, but the royal bento is gorgeous with one head missing. I wonder if Hara-sensei's birthplace was Saga and Yamaya's knees, so he was more involved. The only reason I can't get a royal lunch box is to cry.

However, it is happy for fans to be able to touch the Kingdom and have a meal. Completing clear bookmarks is also okay. If you have a chance to visit the above-mentioned sales place, why not try it?

Reference source:Yamaya Communications Co., Ltd.,Urara Cube Co., Ltd.

Report:Takashi Harada

Photo: RocketNews24.
[C] Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha Kingdom Production Committee

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