When I tried to make a gunpla after a long absence, I was surprised that the "liquid adhesive for plastic model" was so difficult to buy …

A man who cannot stay in the same place for a long time, that is me [Sato]. If you stay in one place, you get fidgety and restless. I just want to go out to buy a meal at home, but I just finished the meal. No reason to go out. So I decided to take a trick to deceive me.

I decided to make a plastic model for the first time in about 30 years. And Gunpla! And collaborated with JR East“ Gundam JR East Japan Exclusive Machine Ver. ''That's it !! There's no point. soadhesiveIt is.

When I heard a story at a model shop located in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo, where there are many figure specialty stores, I heard that it is not sold at Nakano Broadway, which is called the “Holy Land of Otaku”. What a hell …

・ No adhesive

When I first bought the plastic model, I knew I needed an adhesive. But he dared to buy it and never return. That's because when I was a kid, the adhesive was attached to the plastic model. Adhesive in a silver tube.

Use a safety pin or something, cut off the seal with a pointed object, and dispense the liquid little by little. If you are careless, they will come out and be in a serious situation. Probably, men in their late 30s and over 40 know well. For generations, there must be a gunpla.

However, when I opened the plastic model,No adhesive!

Is this the trend of the times? Do I have to buy adhesive after all? I think there should be a Nakano Broadway, and when I enter a model shop, it is not sold.Ask the shopkeeper that it's not sold anywhere on Broadwayis not it. The liquid adhesive for that plastic model …

According to the store owner, is it near the Yodobashi Camera Hobby / Toy Museum at Shinjuku West Exit? It was. Um, it is troublesome to go there. Do you give up? No, maybe there is a 100 yen shop that has everything.

・ I used to be able to buy it in the past …

When I tried various things, there was a guy who seemed to be suitable for making a plastic model. "Strong instant adhesive [with brush]" [110 yen].

This!ヤ A guy with a brush when opening the lid.

If it is brushed, it is easy to apply to the adhesive surface of the parts, and there is little dripping of the adhesive and it is beautifully finished. In the past, there was a small model shop in every town, and it was easy to purchase glue for plastic models. Paints, diluents, and brushes for painting were easily purchased. Is mail order of Amazon and the like mainstream now?

Either way, it's one of the things you can do at home. I would like to recommend a plastic model as a new joy for younger generations, remembering the old for the middle and old aged.

Report / Illustration:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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