When I tried topping "How much abalone for 10,000 yen" on how much bowl of Nakau

On August 6, 2020, the familiar “Naka-Ura” between Oyako-don and Nana MizukiHow much W abalone bowlHas begun to be released. Since April, Nakau has been rolling out a series of “gorgeous thrivings” such as salmon roe, tuna, and eel.

Bukkake, I, P.K.Sanjun, has been sticking with the attitude of "I like Oyakodon, but that system is through". However, "You can add abalone toppingIf you hear that, you can't just ignore it. lets do it……! A man's romance after a long time10,000 yen toppingIs held!!

・Oyako-don is delicious

I'm in the neighborhood near my house, so I visit the shop a little bit. The aim is "Oyakodon"When"Sudachi grated udonIs 90%, and I feel like eating beef bowl when I feel like it. Above all, the oyakodon is very stable! Regarding the Oyako-don, I'm sure it's better than making it yourself.

In that sense, I have a sense of trust in the Ura for some reason, but I had a feeling of "whatever…" about the "Ikura bowl" that has been developed for several years. I mean, no matter how delicious the Oyako-don isHow much of raw food is too different in the field.. In short, he had only "I'll try it again" impressions… but!

As I said at the beginning, "Ikura W Abalone Bowl" isAdditional abalone toppings possibleIsn't it? Abalone is 500 yen. Even if the taste is not good enough, the abalone for 10,000 yen has a tremendous power of painting [from Eji]. I have to do it! I grabbed the 10,000 yen bill and went to Nakau.

・Happening occurs

This time, I ordered "Ikura W Abalone Bowl" [1600 yen] with two abalone on the salmon roe, and the remaining 8400 yen will be topped with abalone. One abalone is 500 yen, so if you top 16 abalone for a total of 9600 yen,Ikura bowl + 18 abalone toppingsIs the calculation to complete. However…….

When I tried to order 16 abalone,Only 8 in stockIsn't it? Nanu…! Since there was only 6 in stock at another store, we decided to compromise with a total of 8 abalone, "Ikura W abalone bowl" + 6 abalone this time. The total amount is 4600 yen.

"Ikura W Abalone Bowl" arrived in less than 5 minutes. Surprisingly, it may be rude, but the abalone is fine, although it is small. I was wondering if I used boiled or steamed or cooked abalone, but in realityRaw abaloneWas being used. I am satisfied that the stock is low.

・Start serving!

Then, all you have to do is to serve 6 abalone in the "How much W abalone bowl". Abalones covering the amount of glitter. Each one is small, but the bowl is filled with violence. Eventually……



The abalone 4600 yen topping is complete!

I couldn't see how many figures I had, and the look was completely abalone. What a luxurious bowl…! Moreover, this is neither a fisherman town nor a sushi restaurant.NakauIt is. I never thought I would meet such a lot of abalone in a bunker. Thank you, Nakau.

However, what matters is taste. Actually, even at this stage, I still had a little negative feeling, "I'm still…", but it's not that bad for us. There is only raw abalone and the flavor is strong.Soft bodyIt is. Personally, I like abalone, which is hard enough to bite, but considering the ease of eating as a bowl, the abalone of the ubun is ant.

・I was scared of how much horses

In addition, I will also describe how much I've been through for many years was actually delicious. In a nutshell, how much of Nakau was "good salmon roe", which sets it apart from sonojo sushi. With this quality No matter how many bowls you come to eatI felt that.

As a result of passing through the throat with a delicious taste beyond my imagination, I flattened the abalone salmon roe for 4600 yen in less than 10 minutes. Even if 10 more abalone is added,Possibly a cool hustle.. It was such a delicious bowl.

Although there was an unexpected happening, personally I was quite satisfied with the abalone and how much bowl of the u. If the "How much W Abalone bowl" is 1600 yen with this quality, I wonder if it is not expensive? I would like you to try it once if you are like me, "How much bowl with Nakau [laughs]".

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