When I tried using "Oshinobi! Ass Hair Trimmer" sold to Don Quixote, I noticed a fatal weak point …

There are a few things in the world that you may not understand. Sleeping face and objective personality. I think there are many other things,Ass hairDo not forget. Maybe the most serious of these classes.

Even for me [Sato], whose body hair is relatively thin and shaving the delicate zone, it is a serious problem to deal with ass hair. So recently, at Don Quijote Hall of Fame"Oshinin! Ass hair trimmerI purchased a product with a spirit of 1480 yen [excluding tax] and immediately tried ass hair trimming …! I noticed a fatal weakness.

· 46 years old, face the ass hair!

To be honest, I underestimated the presence of ass hair. Because, from the front of the delicate zone, its existence cannot be confirmed. The good thing is that you can't see it,"I don't have ass!".

To be precise, you could have told yourself. However, no matter how much you do not recognize, you are growing. It must be growing!だ ろ Is it possible to ignore it and live your life as it is?よ う Don't look at things that are inconvenient.

This coward!

Do not look at the ass hair, what a man!!

He abused himself with his self-awareness, and he was determined to face his ass hair.Let's make a new start here after 46 years in life!た I decided so!

・ Product features

Let's explain the product at once. This is an electric trimmer that runs on alkaline batteries [one AAA battery].

At first glance, it looks like an electric razor. You will be able to shave your beard if you care, but it is exclusively for ass hair.

When you hold it in your hand, it feels good. It is a good size feeling considering the ease of holding. In addition, a special cleaning brush is attached.

Do you see my ass through this mirror?

When you turn on the power, the LED light comes on with a fine vibration. It seems that you can see around the buttocks in the shadows.

Light hits the ass !?

・ Practice!

Start confirmation Yoshi! Trimming posture reed!ヨ Reed preparation Pointing and calling Yoshi! Safely!Let's go. Let me show you the power of the ass hair trimmer …

Let's go, ass hair trimmer !!!!!!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I immediately noticed a weakness.

Trying to bring the trimmer from the inseam toward the target …

The mirror is hidden by my crotch and invisible …. Perhaps it may have reached the angle where you can see the mirror if you are naked, but I can not show you any more unpleasant appearances to the readers, so I will verify the upper body with clothes Was.

There is another sad point. Because I usually wear glasses,Glasses shift when facing down. As a result, you still cannot see the mirror accurately. For very personal reasons … If you're Oshinin! If version 2.0 of the ass wool trimmer is developed, make the mirror a little longer or larger. Either way, I just want to say this!

Men, face your ass!は ず There must be a big discovery !!

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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