When it's completed, it's obsolete … │ "Dream Car" that took 6 years to build

This impressive gull-wing concept car Ford Cougar 406 was introduced in 1962 in 1956 as a three-eighth scale model that makes us feel the next generation Thunderbird. The flip-up door seems to have been adopted after being inspired by the gull wing of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL that appeared in 1954.

However, it took 6 years from the start of the project in 1956 to full-scale production. Therefore, when it was unveiled at the 1962 Chicago Auto Show, it was already an outdated style that was off the design trend. That said, the Cougar 406 was the second car in the world to adopt a gull-wing door [first for a dream car], and it also had an electric opening / closing mechanism.

The retractable headlights that open when the lights are turned on are also novel, which surprised the visitors to the show. The 406 cubic inch Ford V8 engine boasted a maximum output of 405bhp. A gorgeous metallic red was chosen as the body color.

First gull wing door used as a dream car [9 photos]

It was produced by a customizer named Dean Jeffries, who was also active in movie car production. There are various theories as to why such a car was born, but the theory is that Jeffries made a dream car for the movie and Ford took advantage of it.

The car was featured in the 1963 movie Broadway Comedy starring David Swift starring Jack Lemmon, "Yam Yam Girl." Jeffreys started with this, producing the Cougar II as the Ford's showcar following the Cougar I only 18 months later. This time it was a coupe with a plastic body on the AC Cobra chassis.

After finishing his role, the cougar 406, repainted in light blue, is now said to be privately owned by Allen Park, Michigan. By the way, the Mercury Cougar, which appeared in 1967, has nothing to do with these two dream cars and is derived from the Ford Mustang.

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