When the Porsche 911 development manager thought it was the most exciting

This article isWhy did the Porsche 911 development manager enter Porsche?It is a continuation of.

Aha Leitner, who began to demonstrate his abilities in Porsche, initially worked on many basic tasks. For example,   "To develop a new model that can skillfully corner compared to the previous model based on newly cultivated knowledge and calculation method".

The engineers of Aha Leitner and Weissach immediately started to design and continue to improve from the 911G model to 964, and the last air-cooled engine equipped model 993. "993 is the largest and most technical in the history of 911. It's a model that has taken a leap forward,” says Ahaleitner, but the 993 was also not the best for August Achleitner's career. When asked when was the most exciting time for him, he got a surprising answer.

"Perhaps between 1991 and 1992, when Porsche was on the verge of a business crisis. There was heavy air inside the company, but the project team had to break away from it." In this way, the company's product policy was changed, and Boxster, an entry model, was newly developed. Around the time when Type  993 , who became the savior together with Boxster, was announced, Aha Leitner already started to develop the vehicle concept of the successor model, type  996 . In 1999, he was appointed as the manager of the 718 model, and in 2001 he became the general manager of the 911 model range.

Ahaleitner complains that he will continue to work in his private time, but he may receive revelation during his private time. "I decided to extend the wheelbase of 996 8 cm  on a certain Sunday. That afternoon when I was having coffee with my colleague." When he was responsible for the development of Type 997, as General Manager of 911, he would experience the whole process of 911 for the first time directly. “For four years after the start of the project, development will be conducted in secret. However, when the new model is announced, feedback on the work up to that point is returned at once. I am nervous because there are various decisions for completion that I decided without reason and intuition.” That's why the positive reaction from the drivers and the media is a big support.

Aha Leitner seems to run in the mountains of Europe even in his private life, but he wants to enjoy the drive from the bottom of his heart. In such a case, after repeating the setup with Weissach until he is fully satisfied, he continues to run on the Nürburgring North Course and the mountain road in the Tyrol region. Recently, in the Tyrolean region where heavy rain falls, Ahaleitner said that the driving performance of the new   911 when switching the driving mode to wet felt solid response. "The control system reacts very sensitively, the mode difference Is clearly transmitted. This kind of experience cannot be achieved with other cars.”

By the way, the hero of Aha Leitner, who has loved motorcycles since childhood, is Anton Manck, who has won the Road Racing World Championship five times in total. For a four-wheeled racer, of course, it's a walter roll. In fact, I have a long relationship with Roll. "I love him because he's a very authentic and honest person. I'll be in a quarrel because I'm giving you a straight line of opinion, but I'm also a friend because I have the same temperament."

Aha Leitner and Roll have many other things in common. "Most of the things in common are related to cars, but the rhythm of life is similar. Walter loves sports such as mountain biking and skiing, but he gets up early, At night, I go to bed early and don't mess up late. Basically, I get up early and wake up early, and work the next day is important, so I spend time at night." He says he sometimes sits in the passenger seat of the roll, but he is always impressed by the calmness of the world rally champion. By the way, when Ahaleitner holds the steering wheel, he is calm.

It is possible that they have a good sense of each other not only because of their way of thinking and lifestyle but also because of their similar "how to steer" . The roll is the car, and the Ahalleitner is the helm of the company. August Ahaleitner was a man with tremendous power inside his calm expression.

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