When you get a mini car, the first thing to do is │ a person who collects more than 1000 Porsche mini cars

There are thousands of Porsche enthusiasts all over the world, but some of them have a great passion and collect more than 1000 small scale Porsche only. He doesn't want to reveal his work, name, or face, so I'll call him "Albert".

"When I first went to Zell am See, I visited the cemetery in search of Ferry Porsche's tomb. When I found his grave around a small village, I told my wife." If I died "Please put my ashes here." He speaks with a smile, but the words are serious. As you can see from such behavior, Albert loves Porsche with all his heart, but his wife has no interest in cars or Porsche. However, it seems that it is fun to see the husband who loves Porsche and loves Porsche in this way, and two people are visiting various places.

Many masterpiece collections [36 photos]

His collection is lined with miniature cars, a model that symbolizes the history of Porsche, almost all the cars that competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. There is also a showroom [diorama] that decorates these Porsche in the center of the room. Figures and props are also prepared, and they are set in various situations such as the reception center, exhibition area, and event square. “When he gets a new miniature, he gives an official presentation on the dealer's floor first,” explains Alberto's wife with a straight eye.

Most mini cars are on display in bespoke display furniture. Visitors can see the collection, but they are not allowed to touch it. The collection also includes some rare ones such as the 911 driven by Julio Gargallo, the Type 597 Jagdwagen, the Porsche Tractor and the Official Van. Furthermore, not only minicars but also books and materials, part of 935 bodywork, Porsche's tire cas that was running for 12 hours in Sebring, Le Mans, the sand of the Tenere desert passing by Paris Dakar I'm surprised that there are maniac collections such as the tarmac on the circuit and some of the curbs that appeared at the Monaco Grand Prix.

"I always travel by car, and I will bring back a lot of materials and come back," said Alberto, who was likely to continue talking until morning in the case of Porsche.

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