When you hit Starbucks lucky bag 2020! The probability of winning in this editorial department was hopeless, but when I won, it was awesome!

I took it!♪ I ’ve allocated the Starbu Lucky Bag Atari (winning)! Now, you can get “Starbu Lucky Bag 2020” to be released on January 1 next year.

──I'm sorry for the late greeting. Thanks,The Atari of Starbucks Lucky Bag 2020 has been allocatedMy name is Yuichiro Wazui. Everyone, how about spending December 12th today when the results of Starbucks lucky bags were announced?

I am writing this article with the feeling of Lotte's director Iguchi who drew the negotiating lottery of Saki Aki at the draft meeting. Because …

Because we won the online lottery of Starbucks

(^ O ^) / (^ o ^) / (^ o ^) /

(^ O ^) / (^ o ^) /

(^ O ^) /

It ’s likely that you ’ll hear “persistent”, so let ’s stop here. Now, this article is just boasting, but there is only one piece of useful information (?). that is,"Winning probability of Starbucks lucky bag 2020" in our editorial department. What was it like …




In other words, 10 people applied for this editorial department this year, but only one was selected. Then, that “I have” one person is someone …

Oops. I seemed to be proud again, so let's go back.

・ Severe battle this year

Speaking of Starbucks, it ’s harder to win a lottery every year.This year was another tough battleI think you can say. So even if you lose, you don't have to be depressed. Because most people are losing. RatherThe person who has assigned Atari has a tremendous fortuneCan you say that?

── Everyone, I'm going to walk around Shinjuku Gyoen from now on. Have a nice day. Good morning.

Reference link: Starbucks"Fukubukuro 2020"

Report:Yuichiro Wazui

Photo: RocketNews24.

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