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"Red fox" and "green raccoon" are familiar as instant udon and soba. The voting has been released as a result of "Red-Green Battle!-Which way do you eat? Let's compare and vote!" Held until January 31, 2020 (Friday).

The winner was … red fox!

Campaign held from September 26 (Thursday) to January 31, 2020 (Friday) nationwide in Japan, “Red-Green Battle!

In this project with a manifest that the winner takes in the loser's ingredients, the battle for 128 days was won"Red Fox Udon".

The breakdown is that 45 prefectures out of 47 prefectures are overwhelmingly called "red foxes"! Only Nara and Ehime prefectures won the Green Tanuki.

Based on this result, we imported the ingredients of "Green Tanuki" according to the previous manifesto"More red tanukiten udon"Will be sold nationwide for a limited time from May 2020.

In addition, voteEating comparison event held nationwide,Voting on special website,Let's eat together! Eat comparison kit,Four methods of in-store tastingThere were 66,981 votes.

In caravans nationwide … in equal battle!

This time it was a battle in a 47-prefecture camp battle, but the total number of votes was "red fox" 54.8%, "green raccoon" 45.2%.

Total travel distance 7,810 km (equivalent to the distance from Tokyo to Sydney) Looking at the nationwide caravan voting over 87 days, 23Green raccoon winsWe played a close match with the red fox (Draw in Kochi Prefecture).

Looking at the number of votes, the red fox had 6,283 votes, and the green raccoon had 6,283 votes, ending the 12,566 votes exactly.

Looking at the number of votes by prefecture, Chiba Prefecture has 4,111 votes, Gunma Prefecture has 3,989 votes, Shizuoka Prefecture has 3,431 votes, and East Japan ranks high. The lowest was Kochi prefecture with 244 votes.

Comments from generals of each army

■ Red Fox General: Tetsuya Takeda

Did the red fox win again this year? I didn't feel like losing, but I'm happy to win.
We have won in 45 of the 47 prefectures, but looking at the voting rate, we still have a small margin of 50%, so we can't feel safe.
I'm looking forward to the more red tanukiten udon scheduled to be released in May.

■ Green Tanuki General: Gaku Hamada

I am very sorry that I thought I could win this year …
However, if you look only at national caravans, the total number of votes has come to a level. I want everyone to understand the deliciousness of the green raccoon, so I'm thinking I'd like to fight again only this year.
After all, this year in 2020, the green raccoon will celebrate its 40th anniversary. This is the 40th anniversary this year, I believe in my third honesty and want to revenge …!

More red tanukiten udon will be released!

To celebrate the victory of the red fox, the red fox took green shredded shrimp tempura on Manifest Street.

Furthermore, this year, red ginger is added to the shrimp tempura, and it will be released in May 2020 nationwide for a limited time as "More Red Tanukiten Udon".

Ingredients will be small shrimp tempura with red ginger, fried red fox fried shrimp and eggs, and red kamaboko will be eaten at a time.

* Package design is subject to change.

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