Which are you? Those who can make 100 million yen and those who can not

◆ Everyone doesn't want to take risks …
Previously, there was such a person.

"Real estate investment is risky, debt is scary, I do not want to use my own funds, but I want a 10% yield near the station."

I replied,

"If you have such a property, please let me know."

Nobody wants to take the risk. I do not want to use my own funds. Of course, the higher the return, the better. Sure. But is there such a convenient investment?

◆ Can you make 100 million yen by continuing that investment?
When many people ask, "Do you want to make 100 million yen?"

When asked, "Do you have any specific actions to do that?"

Or, even if you are doing it, how do you answer when asked if you really can make 100 million yen by that method?

Of course, the optimal investment target and method will differ depending on how long it will take, but if you are aiming for a short-term formation, there should be a method suitable for that.

And for short-term formation, it is still necessary to invest a large amount of money or apply high leverage. However, it is also true that there are many people who get rid of their feet.

"Making 300 million yen in one year" is said to be bakuchi, but is that true?

Putting 100 yen into a horse race or 1 million yen is the same as Bakuchi. However, if you invest in Katai to a certain extent, it seems to me that putting in one million yen or ten million yen does not change much in terms of risk.

I am often pointed out that "salarymen buying large amounts of real estate to buy real estate are too risky for ordinary people."

The idea that the amount of a loan is large = the risk is great in the first place is a leap in logic, but if you wait until cash is saved, you may end up with a life-saving life.

◆ The bigger the money, the bigger the return
To buy 1,000 shares of 1500 yen, you need 1.5 million yen. If the stock rose by 20%, you would get a profit of 300,000 yen.

If you invest 15 million yen in this, you will get a profit of 3 million yen, and the amount of money will be much larger. However, many people are afraid to drop 15 million yen on one brand.

If you buy a 12-room apartment with a yield of 3 million yen in cash, you will earn rent of 360,000 yen annually.

However, if you purchase a single apartment with a yield of 8% by making a loan of 50 million yen with 3 million yen as a base, you will get 900,000 yen in annual income as 3% interest rate and 30 years of repayment Can be

However, many people are afraid to borrow 50 million yen.

This is the difference between those who can get rich and those who can't.

If it's a stock, drop a lot of money. Greatly leverage FX and real estate. If you make money in your business [depending on the nature of your business], spend a lot of advertising money.

Of course, there are other ways, but whether it's a stock or FX or a business, you can expect a big return in the short term because you take risks by putting a lot of leverage and investing a lot of money. is.

◆ Must have the courage to make decisions
in short,

Want to increase significantly in a short time

Need to move gold

It's scary to move the money

Big increase in a short time needs to be given up

about it. Of course, if you really want to make 100 million yen, you need learning and information, but you also need the courage to make a reasonable decision.

However, if you are comfortable with not borrowing or moving your money, you should give up on creating that much assets.

If you can make a big decision in your main business, you should be able to make a big decision by investment. Conversely, if you can't make a big decision by investing, you may not be able to make a big decision in your main business, that is, you can't work.

I also had little self-financing at that time, so I bought a real estate with almost full loan. That's why the cash flow is as high as 1 million yen every month.

After a certain amount of money was accumulated, I invested 10 million yen or more in one brand and bought stock. That's why we were able to enjoy the sale profit in the unit of several million yen.

Because I knew, "I don't have the money," and I wanted to "increase it in a short time."

The purpose of the investment, the size of the assets you want to make, and the return you aim for will vary from person to person, but look back on whether you are really making the decision to reach your goals.

Text = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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