Which one to choose? Six Ferrari spider models go to auction at the same time

Regardless of the season, running a Ferrari on an open top is a fun and longing. Six Ferrari Spiders will be exhibited at an auction held in Scottsdale, USA on January 17 and 18.

The first is the 1960 250GT Series II. It is the 68th of the 200 manufactured and has an original unrestored hardtop. The estimated bid price is about 150 million yen. The 1972 365 GTB / 4 [Daytona], with its beautiful silver, was once owned by American film producer Sydney Pollack. The estimated successful bid price is from 200 million yen.

And next is the 1985 308 GTS Quattrobarbole, which may be familiar to those who have watched Private Detective Magnum. The estimated winning bid is around 8 million yen to 10 million yen, which is a relatively affordable one. The 348 TS in 1990, which is also easy to obtain, has the same estimated bid price as the 308. 2001 For 550 Barchetta, only 448 units were manufactured, and since only 682 miles were carved, the price started from 40 million yen.

The highest estimated bid price among the six is ​​the F50 in 1995. The company has 55 units manufactured for the United States, with a mileage of 5,200 miles. The engine is, of course, equipped with a 4.7 liter V12. It is expected to be sold for around 350 million yen.

Which Ferrari would you get if you could choose one of these six?

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