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Which prefecture residents spend the most on beauty salons?– The average amount is 6,088 yen in 3 months

On July 30, "Hot Pepper Beauty Academy" (operated by Recruit Lifestyle) was used by women in their 20s and 30s to use beauty salons (beauty salons, nail salons, beauty salons, relaxation salons, and eye beauty salons) for the past year. We announced the results of a survey of beauty consciousness and reality in each prefecture. The survey period is from February 28 to March 9, 2020, with 6,903 valid responses.

The amount of money spent on beauty salons, Aichi prefecture

  • Top 10 money spent on beauty salons (total amount per 3 months)

The first place in Japan for the amount of money spent on beauty salons (total amount per three months) is Aichi prefecture (8,055 yen). Below, 2nd place “Kanagawa prefecture'' (7,819 yen), 3rd place “Ehime prefecture'' (7,819 yen), 4th place “Toyama prefecture'' (7,663 yen), 5th place “Tokushima prefecture'' (7,585 yen), 6th place “Ishikawa'' Prefecture (7,550 yen), 7th place Kochi prefecture (7,318 yen), 8th Niigata prefecture (7,031 yen), 9th Osaka prefecture (6,928 yen), 10th Yamaguchi prefecture (6,888 yen) Continued. The national average is 6,088 yen.

Looking at the usage rates by beauty salon (used at least once a year), the highest annual usage rate for "beauty salons" is "Aichi Prefecture" (92.7%). This was followed by 2nd place "Niigata prefecture" (92.0%) and 3rd place "Tokushima prefecture" (91.7%).

The annual use rate of "Nail Salon" continued at 1st place "Tokyo" (20.7%), 2nd place "Kyoto" (18.0%) and 3rd place "Kanagawa" (17.3%).

The annual usage rate of "esthetic salon (facial)" is 1st place "Aichi prefecture" (19.3%), 2nd place "Shiga prefecture" (18.7%), 3rd place "Gifu prefecture" and "Tokushima prefecture" (16.7% each) ) Became.

Researcher at Hot Pepper Beauty Academy said, "(Aichi Prefecture) many women use multiple beauty salons such as "beauty salons" and "beauty salons (facials)", which seems to be pushing up the total spending on salons." Is analyzed.

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