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Who is good with Apple Watch? It may be you, you're a hard worker-Engadget Japan

I ’m Hiromi Yuzuki, a writer. It's a sudden question, are you the type that thinks about what you couldn't do today or what you could do today at the end of the day?

I was definitely "I couldn't do it". Since I work in multiple genres, I'm always chased by tasks, and there is always a desire to say “I have to do this tomorrow, I have to finish it now”, and I ’m aware of what I can do today It tends to be thin.

Although it is subjective, people who think that they couldn't do more than what they did might be exposed to chronic stress.

I was convinced that there was no stress because I was freelancer who could choose my job, but I came to think that what I like and do might be a heavy responsibility It was. Before going to bed at night, I said, “Oh, I couldn't do that,” “I wanted to do this, but I didn't finish it.” And recently I realized that it was a type that was getting more fatigued.

If you are the same type of person as me, read what you are going to write. The story of Apple Watch.

The first Apple Watch I got was the first. It is the spring of 2015.

At that time, I was simply impressed by how smart it would be to notify iPhone. Apple Watch informs you of various things by gently touching your wrist. I knew that this was convenient as I thought, and that it was open-minded to keep looking at the screen.

On the other hand, I realized that it would be stressful if I didn't choose what to notify. There is this notice. I don't need this. If you don't turn it off when you identify it, you'll be in a situation where you can tell the news that you don't care about.

And about 4 years passed while adjusting the distance with Apple Watch. Now, the latest model Apple Watch series 5 is installed. A lot of people ask, “Is Apple Watch useful?” Sometimes it is said that “I like gadgets because I wear an Apple Watch”. But actually, I like gadgets and don't wear an Apple Watch.

I wear an Apple Watch "to keep my heart healthy". Especially after wearing Apple Watch series5, it became stronger and seemed so. I will write what I mean and why.

1. Everydayness remains in numbers, so you can get objectivity

Apple Watch visualizes your daily life. Just put it on your wrist and digitize walking distance and heart rate. I don't always look at the records, but sometimes there are discoveries. For example, recording of the day when the heart rate exceeded 160. When I looked back on that day I wasn't exercising, I realized that I was interrupted unreasonably while driving. Heart rate is honest.

And the number of steps. If you look at the number of steps while thinking, “I haven't done much, but I'm tired,” I was surprised to walk nearly 20,000 steps. Like me, a worker-holic person seems to be aware only after showing the numbers.

2. It gives me a chance to relax when I tend to lose sight of my life when I concentrate

As mentioned above, I am freelancer, so I decide my timetable myself. On the other hand, it's not easy for someone to say "It's the end time", so you can keep working. At that time, Apple Watch gives me some opportunities.

One of them is the “stand”. Let's walk around once an hour! This is a notification. There seems to be a theory that “sitting too much shortens the life span” recently, so sitting work seems bad for the body. When concentrating, it's easy to forget to drink water, so when you get this notification, you can add a drink or make a light stretch.

The other is “breathing” to regulate breathing. If you are concentrating, you may hold your breath. If you don't go there, you may not realize that your breathing is shallow.

In such a case, the “Breathing” App will prompt you to take a deep breath regularly. It will start a session of “Sute, yes,” while counting by gently tapping the wrist. At first, I thought it was troublesome, but by doing regularly, I felt calm and less anxious. Required at the end of the month when tempering tends to occur.

3.Health management by encouraging me who is not good at exercising

Clearly, I hate exercise. Even though I signed up for a gym, I couldn't go on busy days. Never followed. However, metabolism declines with age, and if you live in the same way, your body shape will collapse … Then, it is best to exercise in daily life. However, I don't know how much it moves in a day.

Apple Watch has an app called “Activity” that records how much you move in a day in a circle. It is good not only to record, but also to encourage you regularly and to notify you of the difference in your exercise volume.

Furthermore, if you are lazy from the morning, you will be informed that "This time you should be moving a little more normally" or "You still have time." To be honest, sometimes I feel like I'm being beaten, but it's motivated to encourage me as if the trainer is on the side of an exercise that I can't do myself.

And above all, Apple Watch “provides a sense of accomplishment”. Just strolling, I did my best! However, Apple Watch records everything from fine heartbeat transitions to distance traveled and elevation differences, and presses the stamp “I've achieved it!” Against the set goal. It will give you.

This stamp is like a reward for me, who counts the things I couldn't do at the beginning. The sense of accomplishment that “I've done this!” And the visibility of that mark have helped keep my mind healthy.

4. Supports the problems unique to women

From the fall of this year, you can record your menstruation with Apple Watch. There are many iPhone apps that can record the menstrual cycle, but the fact that Apple devices are genuinely equipped with this feature is very groundbreaking.

Apple Watch measures the period by recording the amount of menstruation and the physical condition at that time, and informs you what your body is like now. When you feel frustrated, can't sleep, or feel uncomfortable with your body, rather than thinking "I'm out of control" or "I have to put up with this much as a member of society" It should be easier to accept it roughly.

Some people may forget their menstrual cycle when they are busy, but by notifying them that it is about to be accepted, “Oh, is this the cause of this frustration being a symptom of PMS?” I think. If accepted, you will know what action to take. You can think of drinking a warm drink and relaxing, or sleeping early today.

Should I watch it on my iPhone? There is also an opinion that Apple Watch does not have to open a notebook or app because it "tells" what you have forgotten.

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<p>Of course, just wearing an Apple Watch doesn't mean you can lose weight. Being beautiful doesn't change your life dramatically.</p>
<p>However, people who always think "I have to live properly" or "I have to think about my body", yet people who think "I'm busy and don't have time to think properly", and where in my mind For those who are guilty, there is no doubt that wearing the Apple Watch will make them both mentally and physically easier.</p>
<p>I can't live properly, I can't exercise, I can't manage my time, I'm too focused, I think that I'm a stubborn person, I think it's a gentle device that helps me without thinking It is.</p>
<p>If you can sympathize with "I have" in this story, I think you are a very good person with Apple Watch.</p>
<p>You may want to buy it for the Christmas season, a reward for yourself, and a new year next year.</p>
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