Why angry people can't get rich

◆ Emotions of anger can lead to loss of reason
I would like to give you a quiz to determine if you are a poor person.

Although it is a little careless example, I think that many people know it, so I decided to use it. Previously, a female talent and a male lawmaker alleged affair were reported. What do you think when you see this?

A. I don't know. Not suitable as a member of the Diet.
B. Don't worry

A person with the impression of A can be said to be poor. There are two reasons for this.

For one thing, people who are angry with small things tend to lose sight of the essence of things. When human beings are controlled by emotions, their reasoning and logical thinking skills decline, making rational decisions impossible.

For example, if the market price drops drastically in investment, you will be trapped in fear and run panicking, stop accumulating, or cancel investment trusts. Therefore, in fact, it is easy to happen that the time is at the bottom, and you just missed the chance of picking up the low and confirmed the loss.

Also, I'm thrilled to make up for the loss, and I'll make an unreasonable position make-up with a single reversal. Some people yell at securities firms and asset managers, saying, “I lost it!

In particular, the feeling of anger has been shown to temporarily paralyze the function of the frontal lobe of the brain, losing judgment of right and wrong, that is, reason. For this reason, an incident such as “I did it!”

That's not the case, but the instructions of the frustrating people in the organization are often off-target, and it's hard to get the chance to get an important job done [although there are managers and presidents who are always shouting, This is a strategy that uses personality and behavior strategically, for example, for internal use only, and for taking a swaying attitude outside.]

◆ Belief reduces imagination
Another reason is that your imagination is too low because you are too strong. Those who beat affairs have a sense of justice that politicians should be.

He says, “I do n’t want to be a politician,” but who has decided that suitability? There is a monosashi that is “appropriate” in me and I want to impose it on the assumption that it is the common sense of everyone.

However, no matter what the politician is in a private relationship, it will not contribute to the well-being of citizens and citizens. In other words, politicians should be asked about their political abilities.

The reality is that only the person knows, but even if the act touches the law, since affair is a civil category, whether or not the parties pose a problem.

For example, it is a civil case if you don't pay for it, but if the parties don't make a problem, “It ’s okay,” it ’s the same as outfielding.

If the crime is of a criminal level, it is the police and judiciary turn, and there is no point in saying the outfield. If you put your emphasis on private gossip rather than political ability and you decide to resign, you have no idea what the promise or election is for.

Whether politicians are moral or not has nothing to do with our happiness, but if it is still bad for social justice and national sentiment, it would be very costly if, for example, it was cut down and continued. It will be a human resource with good performance, and this will be a merit for the public.

This tends to happen in the workplace, and some people insist on their correctness as “That's strange”, but when I ask, “What do you want to do specifically?”, The answer doesn't come back. If you say "You should do this", say "Let's do it" then you can sit down.

In the end, just swinging your own justice and not thinking.

In other words, a person who is frustrated by a little things has a childish spirit. Can these people take important positions at work, be head-handed, think about new business models, make money from asset management by taking advantage of market distortions?

Text = Toudoo Tono [Money Guide]
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