Why Apple, Glass and Aluminum are Highly Used-Apple News

Apple has announced its 2020 Environmental Progress Report. Most notable among them was the declaration that carbon neutrality would be achieved in the 10 years to 2030.

≪Carbon neutral means that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed are equal. Apple has already realized carbon neutral of its business itself, but it is carbon neutral, including carbon dioxide emission "carbon footprint" including product manufacturing and transportation, customer use of product It can be said that the point that he declared is very epoch-making.

Focusing on low-carbon product design, increased energy efficiency, renewable energy, process and material innovation, and carbon dioxide removal, we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 75% by the target 2030 Twenty-five percent say they will "remove" carbon dioxide through groundbreaking innovation.

As symbolized by Apple Park, Apple has been actively installing solar panels in its own facilities and directly managed stores, and installing huge solar and wind power plants in the United States and China.

In Japan, which has a small land area, we rented rooftops of existing buildings and installed solar panels and worked on floating solar power generation. Realized carbon neutral.

Furthermore, we are investing in technology to reduce carbon dioxide. For example, Apple products are made up of glass and aluminum, which makes them easier to recycle, and products like the MacBook Air, Mac mini, and iPad have a 100% recycled aluminum body. ing.

In addition, regarding aluminum production technology that emits a large amount of electricity and carbon dioxide, we have even managed to establish a relationship between manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada who have a bad relationship with each other toward the practical application of the technology that emits oxygen instead of carbon dioxide. There is.

Of course, part of the reason why the Mac has switched to Apple Silicon is related to the declaration that the carbon footprint of the customer's product usage will be neutral. If you continue to rely on Intel chips, you will not be able to control not only performance but also power consumption forever.

Apple has also called on its suppliers to cooperate in reducing the environmental load such as carbon neutral, and has also invested.

The environmental progress report also includes the names of 71 suppliers, including Taiwan TSMC, which manufactures Apple Silicon, and China BOE, which supplies displays, as well as Ibiden, Keiwa, Nitto Denko, Sony Semiconductor Solutions, and Seiko Advance. Japanese companies have also announced a switch to clean energy.

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