Why can't I hang up the phone … What is a good measure?-Why Android cannot be heard now

Since smartphones are basically mobile phones, voice calls are yours. If there is an incoming call to the number assigned to the SIM card, the phone will ring and you can answer by tapping the red handset button displayed on the screen. When you make a call from here, you can dial by tapping the keypad, or you can tap the number registered in the Contacts app, and you can make a call in various ways.

When you hang up the phone, it is basic to tap the red handset button (design varies depending on the terminal) that appears at the bottom of the call screen. There are various causes, such as accidentally starting another application or making the screen dark and difficult to operate.

This phenomenon is due to the fact that the smartphone is designed to allow multiple processes (applications) to proceed simultaneously. Since there is a possibility of switching to an application other than the phone during a call, such as checking the calendar application in the flow of the story, it is a specification that will stay connected unless one of the parties explicitly ends the call is.

However, if you ’re sudden and you ’re worried about what to do, be prepared to end the call with the power button. To get started, simply launch the “Settings” app, select “Accessibility”, and turn on the “End call with power button” switch in the operation field. Now, no matter what the screen is, if you press the power button during a call, the line will be disconnected and the call will end. This setting is also recommended for people who have just started using a smartphone because it also prevents forgetting to hang up the phone.

  • Why can't I hang up?

    You can rest assured if you press the power button to end the call.

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