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Why can't I use organic cosmetics when I want to use them?

NeoNatural recently revealed the results of a survey on attitudes toward organic cosmetics and money. The survey was conducted from July 19 to August 27, 2019, using 108 official women in their 20s and 60s using their official LINE account.

  • Answer for one month cosmetics fee

    Answer for one month cosmetics fee

First, we asked how many people felt "high" for the monthly cosmetics (basic cosmetics). 16% of respondents who said "high" were "3,000 yen or more", but increased to 50% for "5,000 yen or more" and to 94% for "10,000 yen or more". It turned out that the boundary of whether to feel "high" as a monthly cosmetics fee is "5,000 yen".

When asked if organic cosmetics were all good, 81% said they would like to use them. When asked why, many responded, "Because they are gentle on the skin," and "I like the natural aroma and comfort."

However, 26% of the respondents said that the cosmetics they actually use were all organic, indicating that there was a gap between the ideal and the current situation, saying "I want to use it but I don't actually use it."

  • Answer to using organic cosmetics

    Answer to using organic cosmetics

When asked why they did not use organic cosmetics, the most common response was "because of bad cospa" (45%). The second place was "I don't know what to use" (21%), and the third place was "I already love other products" (17%).

  • Why not use organic cosmetics

    Why not use organic cosmetics

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