Why did elementary, junior high and high schools resume? –Screams of "university students" who continue online classes

”I have never been to college, and I don't even know the faces of my classmates, even though I studied hard and passed.” Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, online classes continued, and the situation where students were not allowed to enter the university continued, screaming university students.

Of digital knowledgeInvestigation(July 2020) According to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the university's online class implementation rate reached 97%. It is a form that was introduced at a stretch in April-May 2020. At least 10 universities, including Aoyama Gakuin University, Chuo University, and Rikkyo University, have decided that the latter half of the classes will be conducted online in principle, as the infection continues to spread in Tokyo and elsewhere.

Many university students say, "I want to go to university, take classes in person, and want to have a normal university life." I would like to tell you about the current state of university students in Corona.

Daily life that does not begin only for university students

A cartoon by a college student attending an art school in Tokyo with a hash tag that "# everyday life of college students is also important"Buzz on TwitterBecame. The manga describes the days of never going to college, knowing the faces of classmates, facing the screen in a single room, and taking online classes.

"Why can't the university start even though the elementary, junior high and high schools are restarting?" "Can I go to the university even if I can go on a trip?" "The tuition fee that disappears is the same as the number of school days" , The painful heart is drawn.

▽ Certainly, university students have an environment where online classes are offered from elementary, middle and high school students. In addition, there are many students who go to the university for a long time across the prefecture, classrooms, facilities, timetables, seats, etc. are not fixed, there are many movements, wide activity range, part-time work, circle activities, drinking parties There may be various factors that continue online lessons, such as the high risk of diffusion.

≪Elementary and junior high school students and company employees often do not reveal the school name or company name unless a cluster occurs even if they are infected. On the other hand, when university students are infected, the university name is often reported. It is often said that university students with a wide range of activities have spread the infection, and there are not a few criticisms of universities and university students.

Everyone knows that the university will not restart because it will not spread the infection. However, even if I knew it, it is a fact that many college students continue to look at the screen of their PCs and are almost overwhelmed by loneliness and anxiety.

Online lessons full of assignments

 College learning is not limited to online classes. However, many experiments in science departments, practice in medical science departments, and production in art departments are limited. Many students are unable to learn enough and are worried and unsatisfied.

“I didn't play with my friends, I dreamed of living in college, and I was studying hard for entrance exams. A college student lives alone and cannot return to his parents' home, but just takes online classes.

 While it's time, I take online classes, but I often fall asleep while rolling while taking a bed. He seems to be tired from the days he spends only looking at the screen of his PC without going out and going to and from the convenience store and going back and forth between people.

 The faculty cannot see the student's face, so it is not very real, and there are many problems. The college student says he spends his days working until midnight. "I chose the facility because it was good, but I only entered the university once. I thought that I could go to the university in the latter half of the year, but I was trying hard, but my heart is likely to be lost." "I have no acquaintances to talk to even if I don't understand, and I am disappointed."

"On-demand lessons may be late in answering questions even if you send them a question. Some teachers are doing little work and only giving assignments. Parents sigh because the university facilities are not available but the tuition fees remain. "

Of course, some students prefer online classes. There are also positive opinions such as "It's good that you can review it many times and review it." However, many students have a strong desire to go to college.

The last fort of college student companionship? "University dirt"

When entering the university, Twitter and Instagram accounts exclusively for the universityCollege dirtThere are many people who make ". Since it is reputed that information can be obtained before admission, students from the same university or undergraduate department are often connected using hashtags such as "# from spring to ○○ University."

 Although it was the last fortress to connect with classmates of the same university, it seems that they are still dysfunctional because they can not meet each other. "I can't find anything fun in the university timeline just because I've finished my assignments." "I've just created a university just by distance learning, but nothing happens. Even if I write "Do you have materials?" There were quite a few negative posts such as "I didn't respond," "I made it because college was essential, but I can't mutter my true intentions because I have no acquaintances in the online class."

There are some places where the university has contacted us to cancel all club activities, such as being unable to go to the requested club activities just by receiving an explanation on the screen. There is also a female college student who is not a university student, but rather takes photos with friends up to high school and posts that he has been exposed to sunlight in a long time.

 Current university students are doing their best in a situation where they cannot live a satisfactory student life. We hope that even if it is difficult to meet each other completely, we will be able to take care of the students' hearts and firmly secure their learning. I hope that the adults around you will support the students.

Akiko Takahashi

IT journalist. Writing articles such as books, magazines, Web media, consultants for companies, lectures, seminars, etc. Details about web services such as SNS and information literacy education.
Former elementary school teacher.
He has written numerous books such as "Smartphone x Socially Turned into a Profitable Company", "Facebook x Twitter Turned into a Profitable Company" (both Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing).
His recent book is "Social Media Addiction: People Drowning in Connections" (Gentosha).



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