Why did the game that introduced the player rating system adopted in many games get criticized?


Why did the game that introduced the player rating system adopted in many games get criticized?

In online battle games where many players can play, evaluate each player's ability and digitize and classifyRatingThe system is implemented. The rating system is also introduced to adjust the point distribution that can be obtained from the player's battle record and to match players with similar levels, but a general rating system adopted by many games is introduced. Of game developers who have been criticized by many players for doingraysplaceinspaceHe talks about how he investigated and solved the problem.

Elo sucks — better multiplayer rating systems for smaller games | by raysplaceinspace | acolytefight | Medium

A game run by Mr. raysplace inspaceAcolyte FightIs a multiplayer shooting battle game. Although it is a simple game at first glance, a rating system is also implemented, and the player's battle results are published in ranking format. In many games, we applied a technique to evaluate chess abilityElo rating systemHas been adopted,League of LegendsOrDota 2However, an irrating based system has been implemented.

At the beginning of Acolyte Fight, a system based on Elo Rating was also implemented, but he said that he got a negative feeling from many players that the rating system is garbage. Raysplaceinspace took months to understand the rating system by playing a number of games, and found that rating in Acolyte Fight had a problem with "point allocation based on player ability".

The point distribution in Elo Rating is based on the point difference between players and is represented by the graph below. The vertical axis is the points obtained, and the horizontal axis is the point difference from the opponent player. If you win, you get the blue line points, if you lose, you get the red line points.

For example, if a player plays against an opponent who is 500 points below him, he will win 0.5 points and lose 9.5 points. In other words, a player with a higher rank has a 95% chance of winning an opponent who is 500 points below, with the same points for 19 wins and points for 1 loss.

In Elo Rating, points are distributed according to experience to maintain the balance of the game. Also, in Elo Rating, depending on the points earned,Exponential curveIt is premised that the winning rate increases along with. The vertical axis is the winning percentage, and the horizontal axis is the total points earned by the player.

The adoption of irorating for Acolyte Fight caused a lot of dissent from many players because the actual win rate curve of Acolyte Fight was different from that of irorating.

The winning percentage of 100,000 matches in Acolyte Fight is shown in the graph below. The vertical axis shows the winning rate, the horizontal axis shows the total points acquired by the player, the red line shows the approximate value, and the blue line shows the actual winning rate for each point. The graph draws a line that is closer to a straight line than an exponential curve, says raysplaceinspace, "The graph's results have made me realize that we have to change our rating system."

“Even if we take top-level players and repeatedly compete with high-level, medium-level, and low-level players so that we can be statistically confident about their win rates, it's possible that player win rates will not follow an exponential curve. No. Based on what kind of data and why did they decide to use an exponential curve?” questions asked raysplaceinspace.

Why are games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 that use ero rating immune to the wrong win rate curve? "Because a good matchmaking system is designed to match close level players." That's what raysplaceinspace speculates.

Acolyte Fight finally adopted a system that adjusts the points that players can get based on the winning rate curve calculated from the data of the last 100,000 games. It is also designed to give you less points to earn or lose in a match with a beginner. In addition, there will always be an increase or decrease of 1 point per game, and every other day the total points earned by the player will decrease by 5 points. In other words, even if you are a top-class player, if you stop playing Acolyte Fight, the points will gradually decrease. In addition, the rating is saved separately from the points, and even if the top ranker plays the game for a long time, it will not be treated as a beginner.

Acolyte Fight's rating system is suitable for smaller games where you can't rely on a matchmaking system, said raysplaceinspace. In addition, by updating the rating system of Acolyte Fight, the number of players who have complained to the system is not zero, but it is drastically reduced. “Is there a perfect rating system out there? Probably not,” comments raysplaceinspace.

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