Why don't you start playing the piano? –The clerk of Shimamura Music teaches you how to choose an ever-evolving electronic piano!

Spring is the season when you want to start something new. For example, how about starting a piano and living a life with fulfilling music? Since the piano is a relatively familiar musical instrument, it is easy for those who have learned the piano before, as well as those who are new to the piano or who want to start with their children. Among them, electronic pianos are becoming more popular because they are compact but you can enjoy full-scale performances. However, there are many types of electronic pianos, so many people may say, "I don't know what to choose." So, this time, I asked Mr. Kamisaki, who is in charge of piano at Shimamura Music Celeo Kokubunji store, how to choose an electronic piano and recommended electronic pianos.

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