Why have you kept it still for over 40 years? │ Auction as if time warped

After delivery on September 1, 1965, one-owner Mercedes-Benz 190C was put up for auction.

The owner has stopped riding in 10 years, despite having left everything about the car, including the dealer wallet, business cards for businessmen, receipts, radio leaflets, and car verification. The reason was that I thought it was a waste to ride in today's dangerous traffic conditions. Over a 10-year period, the mileage was 7295 miles, suggesting how the owner was handling the car with care.

It has not been moved for more than 40 years since 1975, and the condition was as if it had been a time warp due to the good storage environment. If you clean the dust, you can look like a new car. Of course, the "fin tail" that symbolizes this model remains beautiful. The winning bid was £ 15,750.

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