Why is the website you see on your iPhone different from what you see on your PC?

There is an experience that the design has changed when you see the website you usually see on your PC on your iPhone. On the other hand, if you look at a website that you are familiar with from an iPhone, you may have seen it as if it were a different site.

The phenomenon that the website design changes on smartphones / iPhones and PCs is because the website uses “responsive web design”. Responsive WEB design is a concept that allows users to browse websites according to the characteristics of the device / browser used. The

In order to realize responsive web design, it is necessary to have a function to determine the device to browse on the web site (web server) side. First, determine whether the connected browser is a smartphone or a PC, and what the screen resolution is, and then determine whether to apply a smartphone design or a PC design based on the result.

In general, sites that use responsive web design can respond by switching the CSS (program that determines the design of the web page) for each device. Actually, it is processed with the help of script languages ​​such as JavaScript and PHP, but by preparing and switching CSS for multiple resolutions, we have realized a page design optimized for each smartphone, PC, tablet is.

IOS 13 Safari provides functions that apply this mechanism. With the website you want to change the design open, tap the alphabet at the top left of the screen, select "Website settings", and turn on the "Display desktop website" switch on the screen that appears. Even websites that should be designed for smartphones will continue to be designed for PCs.

  • Why is the website you see on your iPhone different from what you see on your PC?

    The reason why the website you see on iPhone is different from what you see on PC

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