Why isn't there a flickering lighting near the display?-Why Android can not hear now

Does the flickering lighting mean LED? In particular, there are many models of Japanese smartphones that have the function of blinking the LED when receiving emails or notifications from apps. Since it is a function that has always been installed in a feature phone (Garakei), there is a certain need, and it is a useful function if it is actually.

LED to notify the notification, can be turned on / off at the user's discretion Open the screen in the order of “ Settings '' → “ Apps and notifications '' (item names may vary slightly depending on the device), turn off the “ LED blinking when a notification arrives '' switch in “ Notification settings '', The LED will not blink except when the battery is low.

This switch is for “Turning all apps on / off”. Android OS allows you to turn on / off notifications individually for apps that have a notification function, so keep the “LED blinking when notifications are received” switch on, apps that have too many notifications, notifications that are unnecessary for you It ’s more realistic to turn off apps that only send.

In that case, restrict / allow various prepared notification methods for the applications displayed in “Settings” → “Apps & Notifications” screen. For Android 9 or later, you can set the notification details for apps displayed in "Apps that have recently sent notifications" or "Show all 7 days in the past" at the bottom of the screen.

In addition, some apps can set their own notification method. Using Gmail as an example, open a registered account on the settings screen of the application, tap "Manage notifications", and operate the "Notification LED" switch in the detailed settings field, when an email addressed to that account arrives You can set whether to notify with LED. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, you can use LED notifications only for work accounts, so why not review the settings once?

  • What about the shining lighting near the display?

    It's a waste to just turn ON / OFF "LED blinking when notification is received" !?

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