Why only 9 units were built? │Unique Porsche designed by Zagato

This articleThe whole picture is clear│Special Porsche designed by the prestigious Carrozzeria Zagato]Is continued.

Why 9? Zagato smiled at the question he had expected. "Nine is the number for a collector's item. Artists usually make one original. This is the proof of the artist, so you can make up to nine copies. That's why we only make nine. "

After success in Lancia, Zagato went on to talk about a wealthy Ferrari collector in 2007, when he restored only one Ferrari 166 Zagato Panoramica, whose original car was lost, to Porsche lovers in 2012. Has a very intriguing story. The collaboration between Stuttgart and Milan began with a special order from one of Porsche's factory drivers, Frenchman Claude Storez. That was before 20 Porsche 356 Abarth Zagato GTL coupe were built in the early 1960s.

France had many talented drivers in the 1950s. One of them, Storez, ordered a new Porsche 356A Speedster with a Carrera GT engine. According to factory records, chassis number 84907 [engine number 91009] was assembled on May 13, 1958, with no interior and paintwork applied, and one week later, the engine was installed on May 20. ing.

The unfinished car was then transported to Zagato in Rho for bodywork. In August of that year, {84907} returned to the Stuttgart factory only once again for a final technical check. Later, in September 1958, Storez received the car at Porsche dealer Snout in Paris and registered for a French license plate.

That same year, Storez entered the Tour de France and received the starting number 158. However, I could not finish. In February 1959, Storez died in an accident at the Route du Nord rally in Reims, destroying the Zagato Speedstar and turning it into scrap iron. At the time, the accident was thought to have been caused by bad tires.

In 2012, Andrea Zagato was considering the Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster Zagato as a candidate for a reconstructed model to be produced as a proof of the collaboration between Porsche and Zagato. The production number is nine. "At this time we only had black and white photos, but fortunately it was a lot better than our previous projects," he says. Using the photos, I created the "Masmatical Master". "This Speedster was immediately clear what was different compared to the Porsche model."

The vehicle height was fairly low, the front end was shallower, and there were small stabilizer fins in the rear. "One of the photos showed a special door hinge resembling a zagato," Andrea proudly says. "Porsche assisted us while we were investigating the Speedster project, and finally sent us a congratulations."

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