Why rich people don't spend time on social media and games

◆ Are you killing precious time on SNS?
From the hunting era to the postwar period, most people seemed to live. I spend my time on hunting and farming to survive. To survive digging and evacuation of air raid shelters.

However, food became readily available at all times, and life-threatening wars have disappeared in modern Japan.

In that case, people can survive simply by being carried away into their daily lives, so we can think that a huge amount of free time has appeared for us who have lost their goal of “survive”.

How do you spend your spare time? That is why if you do not set any purpose, goal, or value other than living, you can end up with a very tasteless life.

Many of us spent 12 years in elementary, middle and high schools, and some went to college, for a total of 16 years in school. When I come to society, I get a job, but I wake up in the morning, go to work, finish my day's work, go home, watch TV, eat and sleep. I go shopping on weekends and travel on long holidays.

After raising children after marriage and childbirth, when his child came back to society, he retired after retirement. When he is old, he takes care of his grandson, teas his friends, and spends time relaxing. With that in mind, 80 years of life can be said to be an epic killing time.

◆ The same 80 years pass, whether or not you do something
Film and travel are killing time, and television and reading are killing time. Although work has the purpose of gaining a living, it is one of the ways to kill time, because most of the day is over. And do you spend your time killing doing something worthwhile for yourself or society or doing something worthless?

For example, if you look into the screen of a smartphone player on a train, it is usually a game, a line, or Facebook. No one will complain about them, basically or not, and no one will bother. Originally, it did not exist in this world.

On the other hand, if you are a system engineer, you can use that knowledge to teach local children how to make smartphone games, that is, programming.

Of course, no one will complain if you don't do this, and no one will be troubled.

But doing so will provide value to the children and make them happy. And your name and what you're doing may be known to the community and a community may be formed. Local schools may also request business trips. If you do this for a fee, it will be an extra income.

It is personal freedom to kill time. And the same 80 years pass with or without doing something. Almost everyone has died within 100 years, and by the time their grandchildren are at their end of life, no one who knows himself will be on this earth.

When I think so, I want to spend my time on things that are worthwhile to be myself and to leave proof of my life to future generations.

Sentence = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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