Why successful men do not split on a date

◆ Successful men do not split the bill on a date !?
A topic that is sometimes talked about in gender relations is whether split bills or men pay the full amount. The other day, when I was interviewed for a magazine for women in their 20s, I heard from an editor that "Dating fees are a commonplace among young men and women today."

Some men have a value that says, "I'm gender equal and I don't need to pay." Some women seem to accept the split bill. Certainly, there is no money when you are young, so it may be painful to pay yourself every time you go on a date.

If the other person is also working, you can understand the idea that it is OK to split the bill equally. However, those who succeed and become wealthy do not split their bills with women who they like or may associate with.

◆ Two Reasons Why Successful Men Win Dates
There are no such people around me, and when I talked about this topic at a drinking party with fellow managers, they all answered that they would not let women pay. There are two reasons.

The first is that the feeling of "I care about you" is a vacant line of speech, but it can be effectively conveyed by treating yourself.

Of course, there are some appearances that we want to show our economic strength, but even if the inside of the wallet is harsh, it's important to have fun without having to put a financial burden on the other party. In other words, they are caring and attentive to their style.

Another reason is that it is easy to catch the woman you want. For example, if you like photography, you buy a high-end camera like an SLR instead of an instant camera. Just as important, you spend money because it's important, and if you don't care, you'll spend money.

It is also sensitive to women. In other words, "split bills mean you don't want to spend money on me", that is, "low priority people".

If there are two men with similar specifications, one is always split and the other is always overwhelmed, which would be more favorable?

◆ Attentiveness in dating also lives in business
I think that some people take the split bill as "a solid sense of money", but it's good to show it at a drinking party with a friend and acquaintance, and if you show your feelings of treating an important person, it's a treat.

Then, for example, at the timing when the meal is about to end, the user finishes the accounting when he / she stands, saying "to a little restroom", and returns to the seat. That way, you leave the store with a cool face without letting the woman remove the wallet.

This attitude can lead to good hospitality when inviting respectful or important people. It can be tempting to think that "the money is clean" and "this person is worth seeing".

People who can work are often motivated by women. A motivated person can also work. That's because attentive technology is effective in all aspects of interpersonal relationships, and treating women on a date is just one example of how that technology has surfaced.

In other words, whether a partner's men are likely to make a big difference will be reflected in how much money they spend on dating.

◆ Attentive people, regardless of gender, will succeed
However, there are also cautions on the female side. That is, you can pose, and always show the way you pay, "How much did you pay?"

There are two women, one always leaving the shop with Starsta in a way that is "natural". The other says, "Thank you all the time. Thank you for your feast." Or "Thank you all the time. But don't overdo it." Which one will you like better?

And another thing is to make people think that "cheap shops are fine", taking into account the other party's pockets. Even if the first date is a luxury store, the next step is to appeal for solidity, such as "Do you not go to the yakitori shop today?"

If the store is expensive, men will be worried about the difference in economic sense, “ Can I continue to support this person myself, '' and be wary of “ Is this person looking for my money? '' However, the appeal that "you can enjoy it even at a cheap store" gives you a sense of security.

Also, many men think that women should be more pleased with high-end stores and that they wouldn't like cheap izakayas, so the gap may make you feel more familiar.

For example, directing "Gap Moe" as there is a story that said, "I thought that I was a person without presence, but when I went to karaoke, the song moved well and I got drunk and my eyes changed" It has the effect of doing.

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